new 22″ motorsport wheel from AC Schnitzer

type VII It’s polite to look a person in the eye during a conversation. Not easy to do when you’re standing next to his BMW X5 or X6 with the new Type VII motorsport wheel from AC Schnitzer. Because this three-piece wheel is impressive not just by its sheer size of 22″, but because it draws the eye of the observer by a wealth of striking details.

The reduced base layout however means the wheels never look over-decorative. The total of ten spoke pairs of the AC Schnitzer Type VII motorsport wheel alternate in angle between “tuning fork” and classic V-shape.

The resulting openings give recurrent glimpses of the background and draw the braking system into the overall visual impression without bringing too much transparency into play. As a result, the wheel always remains the focus of attention. A further exciting duality which involuntarily draws the eye is the colour contrast between the black-painted interior and the polished outer bed. Even on dark-coloured vehicles, the Type VII motorsport wheel steals the limelight perfectly and does not merge visually with its tyre. Further accents are set by the wheel bolts and the star-shaped hub area.

wheel detail

A masterpiece which only has one drawback: you can’t see it from the driver’s seat. An AC Schnitzer tip: just drive past a large reflective window – you’re allowed that much vanity!

Vehicles: BMW X5 (E70) and X6 (E71)
Wheel type: Type VII
Wheel design: Three-piece
Production: Forged centre, cast inner shell, drawn outer bed
Dimensions: 10.0J x 22″ offset 20
10.0J x 22″ offset 30
11.5J x 22″ offset 23

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