8-piston High Performance Brake System from AC Schnitzer

8 piston brakes It’s not only sheer power which gives a car superlative performance, but also the braking system. What initially seems like a paradox makes sense: Racing drivers know that the better the braking system, the later they can leave braking before the corner and keep the speed at the limit for as long as possible. Drivers of high power cars also have a high social responsibility. A powerful
braking system allows a car, even driven at high speed, to be brought to a stop quickly, effectively and safely. To do this it must apply many times the car’s engine power.

8-piston High Performance Brake System AC Schnitzer

To achieve a clear improvement in braking performance of the current 3, 5 and 6-series, the High Performance System from AC Schnitzer in Aachen uses an 8-piston fixed caliper. The pistons press the pads into the discs and therefore form the decisive interface in brake force transfer, which is particularly effective here. A further advantage is the more even distribution of force over the friction surface. The design of the system with its one-piece cast fixed calipers is perfectly suited to very high forces with minimum distortion. So AC Schnitzer with its 374 x 36 millimetre brake discs has decisively improved braking performance. But even when the vehicle has stopped, the generous brakes serve a purpose: the attractive design of the powerful calipers with
the AC Schnitzer logo finally enhances the visual appearance.

AC Schnitzer brakes

Installation site: front axle
Design feature: fixed caliper
Number of brake pistons: eight
Size of brake discs: 374 x 36 millimetres
Application: 3-series (E90/E91/E92/E93)
325 i/d from 09.2007, 330 i/d from 09.2007, 335 i/d
5-series (E60/E61)
M5, 545i, 550i
6-series (E63/E64)
M6, 645Ci, 650i

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