a-workx “Mighty 1” based on the 1 Series M Coupé

After a-workx presented the fastest street legal M3 Coupé with the M3 460 CS last autumn, they have now completed work on the M3’s smaller brother.

The most eye-catching detail of the „Mighty 1“ is the Carbon roof which lowers the vehicles centre of gravity by removing 6kg (13 lbs) from the highest point of the vehicle. If one includes the calculation factor for the reduction in unsprung mass, then together with the lightest forged BBS wheels currently available and the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tyres, a total weight reduction of 80 kg (1761/3 lbs / 12 ½) Stone has been achieved.


Of course the 1-series’ engine had also not escaped attention. The 3l sequential twin turbo 6 cylinder power unit normally produces 340 hp (DIN). A series of modifications such as a new and larger intercooler with a high efficiency core, an optimised intake routing, a sports catalyst together with a titanium exhaust system manufactured by Akrapovic to a-workx specification. The larger diameter pipe work of the titanium exhaust accommodates the increased gas flow and helps the output of the engine reach a satisfying 435 hp (DIN) with 550 Nm (405 lb/ft) of torque.


In order to transfer the full potential of this significant increase in engine output into traction the next area that a-workx optimised was the suspension and brakes. An adjustable a-workx clubsport suspension from KW with 3 way adjustment of the compression and rebound (in high and low speed) together with special clubsport top mounts, increase the traction and speed through corners whilst retaining everyday driveability.

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