AC Schnitzer ACL2 is the fastest road-legal BMW on the Nürburgring

In 2017, not only can AC Schnitzer look back over 30 years of superior automotive technology from motorsport, but at the same time a new record has set the points for a successful future for vehicle tuning. The present concept vehicle, the AC Schnitzer ACL2, sprinted around the Nordschleife in the hands of Touring Car and Truck racing legend, Markus Oestreich, so quickly that the clock stopped after just 7:25.8 min.

The car was perfectly set up and the driver highly focussed: even two bird strikes on the windscreen didn’t deflect Markus Oestreich from his aim of claiming the record.

Everything worked – it was the perfect lap, and now the AC Schnitzer ACL2 is officially the fastest road-legal BMW on the Nordschleife.

The 570 hp lightweight coupé based on the BMW M235i, with upgraded M4 engine and raised Vmax, in conjunction with a limited slip plate differential (range 25 – 95%) and adjustable Clubsport suspension, together with a refined aerodynamic concept based on carbon components, has impressively demonstrated that its development motto “Less is more” was absolutely spot on. Weighing in at just 2.59 kg per hp, the AC Schnitzer ACL2 is competing in a league with cars such as the Ferrari 458 Italia or the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

The AC Schnitzer company history is full of successful concept vehicles. They form the binding tie between motorsport on one side and series production on the other. Concept vehicles represent the state of the automotive art, and are an important milestone in the development of road vehicle tuning programmes. This is true of the AC Schnitzer ACL2: it formed the development basis for, amongst others, the Anniversary Model ACL2S which is limited to just 30 examples. But many other components – e.g. the carbon aerodynamic elements for the BMW M2 or the RS coilovers – have been derived from the ACL2 and found their way into AC Schnitzer series production.

30 years of AC Schnitzer – 30 years of compromise-free innovations beyond the standard, and many new ideas for the coming years of success!

Watch the video of the complete lap from the Nordschleife (8:32 min)

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