AC Schnitzer ACS1 Convertible

Viewed from its roof construction, the new 1-series Cabrio is a classic softy. But under its soft shell lurks a hard masculine cornering machine which isn’t pushed aside by anyone: especially in the AC Schnitzer version. As honed as a high performance athlete, the car cuts a fine figure even in the car park.

Engines – Exhaust

In both petrol and diesel engine variants, we inject any amount of power into the compact cabrio. Extra horsepower will be available for the 135i, 120d and 123d:

for BMW 135i from 225 kW / 306 HP to 265 kW / 360 HP
for BMW 120d from 130 kW / 177 HP to 147 kW / 200 HP
for BMW 123d from 150 kW / 204 HP to 177 kW / 240 HP

And because the standard speedo is sometimes overloaded with so much “unbridled” power, AC Schnitzer upgrades it to 320 km/h.

The final touch is given by the sports rear silencer in connection with the chromed tailtrims in “Racing” design, which are also as single tailtrims available for the 118i, 120i, 125i, 120d and 123d.

The Suspension Technology

Any pursuer’s hopes of overtaking the agile 1-series on the next corner are soon deflated by the AC Schnitzer suspension.

The spring kit alone allows transverse acceleration which seems to go beyond the laws of physics. But fortunately physics doesn’t issue penalty notices!

Obstacles can be evaded more quickly and precisely with the complete sports suspension, or even circled completely with the height-adjustable racing suspension.

The Bodywork
We have transplanted the muscles visually to the right places. In the end, the vehicle is an agile sprinter and not a bodybuilder who can scarcely move for power.

At first glance, the new front skirt strikes you – it is less rounded than standard and runs into a slight taper.

BMW Ac-schnitzer 2 series tuning

BMW Ac-schnitzer 2 series tuning

This, in combination with the diagonal grille insert, ensures a far more dynamic appearance. And naturally the Cabriolet not only has a neat front, but also a strong rear: The AC Schnitzer rear skirt lip or insert (for M-Technik version) provides an extra cross contour in comparison with the original, and hence a more “powerful” look.

Underneath, a diffuser element highlights the sporting heritage of the vehicle.

The fact that the sporting appearance is more than just Show & Shine becomes evident to the driver from a glance in the rearview mirror (approx. available 11/2008). Because the car behind grows smaller at record speed when you put your foot to the floor.

The Wheels
There are a wealth of AC Schnitzer alloys and racing rims available for the BMW 1 series in Type II, Type III and Type IV designs.

As well as various combinations in 17″ and 18″ the 1-series can be fitted with 19″ alloy or racing rims which take tyres of size 225/35 R 19 all round. This modification alone already perceptibly improves the driving dynamics.

The Interior
Exclusivity also predominates in the cockpit: as well as the carbon interior trim in silver and the ergonomically shaped sports airbag steering wheels, the final touch is given by the aluminium accessories e. g. for the controller of the BMW-specific “i-Drive” system, the pedal set and footrests, different gear knobs or handbrake handles.

Last but not least, velours footmats are available with the AC Schnitzer Logo.

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