AC Schnitzer ACS3 Sport Coupé

When beads of perspiration form on the brow of experienced sports car drivers, it’s not necessarily down to a faulty air conditioning system. With the 420 V8-HP of the BMW M3, the ACS3 Sport catapults even its keenest challengers into the rear view mirror. The sporting coupe is ideal for anyone seeking to gain advantage on twisting tracks.

A normal M3 would be a tough competitor here, because in comparison with the “civilised” 3-series Coupé it has a totally different axle construction. With racing suspension developed on the legendary Nürburgring, AC Schnitzer has succeeded in refining the handling potential of the chassis even further. And fitted with the Short Shift from Aachen, the ACS3 Sport becomes the automotive hero of the day: No-one is changing gears faster!

Best of all: The vehicle loses nothing of its qualities as a daily driver. Instead, AC Schnitzer magics even more M-otion into everyday life, for example when the Aachen exhaust system plays its bewitching baritone in a road tunnel. The left/right system with two tailpipes per side, linked into a horizontal figure of eight, is however a visual work of art. In a play on the mathematical symbol for “infinity”, at the same time it symbolises the powerful reserves of the vehicle which reaches 100 km/h from a standing start in an effortless 4.8 seconds. No less carefully arranged are the aerodynamic attachments, which for AC Schnitzer are always more than mere visual decoration.

At the rear, a diffuser of visible carbon presses the car down onto the tarmac as if there were magnets below the road surface. The front spoiler is also made from this high quality material, and is supported against the front skirt with alloy struts as in motorsport. Further downforce is provided by a subtle rear roof spoiler and rear wing which also give the body exciting new contours. Side skirt extensions, in particular when combined with the white paint of the photo model, give the profile an aura of stature and dynamism. Finally the AC Schnitzer racing rims Type VI embody pure culture, on the ACS3 Sport in sizes 9.0J x 20″ on the front and 10.5J x 20″ on the rear. The combination of Y-spokes and contrasting five fork spokes superimposed in two planes, produces a design that is as exciting as it is elegant.

Further highlights of course include the forged wheel Type V in 20″. With its strikingly curved, interrupted spokes, it not only looks superb but thanks to the lightweight construction method, keeps the unsprung weight to a minimum. A no less attractive alternative is the Type IV racing wheel in silver – and with trendy black finish as “Magic Black”. And naturally AC Schnitzer continues the theme of sports performance in the driver’s workplace, offering attractive and ergonomically perfect aluminium controls for the gearknob, handbrake handle, pedals and I-Drive controller. A carbon interior trim and sports airbag steering wheel are also available on request.


AC Schnitzer dual sports rear silencer (left/right) incl. chromed tail trims in Racing design
AC Schnitzer sports gear change “Short Shift” incl. gear knob
AC Schnitzer racing suspension, height adjustable
AC Schnitzer spring kit
AC Schnitzer Racing Wheels Type VI
front: 9,0J x 20″ with 245/30 R 20
rear: 10,5J x 20″ with 295/25 R 20
AC Schnitzer Lightweight Forged Wheels Type V
front: 9,0 x 20″ with 245/30 R 20
rear: 10,0 x 20″ with 295/25 R 20
AC Schnitzer Racing Wheels Type IV, silver and “Magic Black“
front: 8,5 x 19″ with 245/35 R 19 (silver)
rear: 9,5 x 19″ with 265/35 R 19
front: 9,0 x 20″ with 245/30 R 20 (silver and “Magic Black“)
rear: 10,0 x 20″ with 295/25 R 20
front: 9,0 x 20″ with 245/30 R 20 (silver and “Magic Black“)
rear: 10,0 x 20″ with 295/25 R 20
AC Schnitzer Light Alloy Wheels Type IV (silver and BiColor)
front: 8,5 x 19″ with 245/35 R 19
rear: 9,5 x 19″ with 265/35 R 19
AC Schnitzer Racing Wheels Type III
front: 8,5 x 19″ with 245/35 R 19
rear: 9,5 x 19″ with 265/35 R 19
Bodywork: AC Schnitzer carbon front spoiler
AC Schnitzer aluminium brackets, set
AC Schnitzer side skirts extensions
AC Schnitzer rear roof spoiler
AC Schnitzer rear wing
AC Schnitzer carbon rear diffuser
Steering: AC Schnitzer 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheels, classic or “Evo“
AC Schnitzer carbon steering wheel insert, titanium “Exklusiv“
Interior: AC Schnitzer carbon interior titanium “Exklusiv“
AC Schnitzer instrument display, speedometer up to 330 km/h
AC Schnitzer aluminium gear knob “Black Line”
AC Schnitzer aluminium handbrake handle “Black Line”
AC Schnitzer aluminium cover for BMW’s own “i-Drive System” controller – black eloxed, matt
AC Schnitzer aluminium pedal set eloxed, matt
AC Schnitzer aluminium foot rest eloxed, matt
AC Schnitzer floor mats, velours

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  1. toby says:

    i love this bloody car it’s fricking amazing i am going to get one soon because there that amazing. i love the person who designed this car i love u!!