AC Schnitzer BMW R 1200 R Roadstar

The BMW R 1200 R Roadstar completes the 2006 AC Schnitzer Star Series. Initial tests have demonstrated the superb qualities of the R 1200 R – sufficient reason for AC Schnitzer to add that little bit extra. Specially developed for the R 1200 R is an engine spoiler that gives the Roadstar a racetrack appearance, and at the same time improves the aerodynamics. A homage to the “old BoxerCup times”. The motorcycle specs are awesome.

A new “face” and successful wind protection is provided by the Schnitzer Cockpit trim. With the original BMW headlights from the K 1200 R, the usual excellent light output is guaranteed. The mixing of styling elements from the K and R series gives a homogeneous effect of a uniform whole. The asymmetric instruments are completely concealed from the outside.

Like on the other new Boxer models, there is a crash-pad for the cardan drive. Thanks to this component, high costs can be avoided in the event of an accident.

Weight optimisation is often decisive. AC Schnitzer has developed a forged wheel set for the new R 1200 R which weighs just 7.3 kg. The central mass support and low wall weight guarantee even more precise steering, while the drop-forged rim ensures maximum stability.

The name of the new wheel, which replaces the AC Schnitzer V-Performance rim, is the ACS 1 forged.

Road-legal exhaust systems with removable sound insert are available with and without catalyst, and give the new AC Schnitzer models the final visual and acoustic touch. New to the range is the AC Schnitzer Revolution, which is presented for the first time with a black sleeve made of stainless steel to satisfy modern styling preferences.

Another interesting accessory is the AC Schnitzer mirror extensions, the only such licensed product on the market. Whether your mirrors are attached to the handlebars as on the R 1200 R, or whether they are part of the trim, there is a solution for every model. The BMW-exclusive sale of this product was made possible thanks to an agreement with Bernie Klumpjan, who has for many years enjoyed an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of high quality mirror accessories.

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