Active Autowerke products for 335i

Active Autowerke has the most comprehensive performance upgrades for the twin turbocharged E92 335i to date. After a couple of months of R&D they release some parts for the BMW 335. Active Autowerke is a BMW tuning entity dedicated to creating ultra high performance BMWs, specializing mostly in the M3s.

Creating ultra powerful M3s with a balance while still maintaining that daily drive feel without sacrifing reliability or durability. That is the cornerstone of what Active Autowerke is all about. To perform above the norm is what we enjoy.

Feeding every 335 owner’s appetite for new and superior technology, while achieving economical pricing is the name of the game at Active Autowerke. A new partnership with AEM (Advanced Electronic Management), a US leader in electronic technology, enabled Active Autowerke to bring even more for less to the BMW marketplace. The new Active Processor features Digital Technology with 3-d mapping capability that allows you to maximize your potential gains while making sure your car is still running well within its “safe” limits. The Active Processor also has the capability to be uploaded on the workbench without a wire harness. All that is required is a USB cable and a PC with the included upload software. They have also implemented a map switching feature which allows you to switch between maps. Whether it is a custom map or our basic Stage 1.5 performance map, the Active Processor’s Map Switching capability will handle the job over and over again. The new Active Processor also includes a custom harness kit with detailed installation instructions and comes preloaded with our Stage 1.5 software on our proprietary V3 firmware that is compatible on all current production 335, 535 and 135’s. When it comes to Horsepower gain, the Active Processor produces over 65 HP and over 85 ft lbs of torque.

Some Key Features

    Proven Horspower and Torque gains.
    Compact Size Unit
    Valet Switch included at no extra cost. Pre-Wired for your convenience
    Full Control Over Fuel and Boost parameters and Ignition
    16 Bit, 25 MHz CISC Processor
    255 MHz FPGA Timing Shift
    Over-current Temp Protected high current multi-purpose ourpouts
    Capability to easily upload new maps with USB and PC
    3-D Mapping Technology
    Plug and Play Type Install Using Factory BMW Pins
    Unit Completely Reversible
    Easy to Install
    20% + Increase in Power over Stock

Performance Specs
Torque: 70+ ft lbs. of torque (Stock Exhaust) Expect Higher gains when equipped with AA Exhaust and Intercooler upgrades
1/4 mile: 11.9-12.9 (Depending on an array of variables)
Power: 55+ RWHP (Stock Exhaust) Expect Higher gains when equipped with AA Exhaust and Intercooler upgrades

Active Autowerke intercooler

Active Autowerke intercooler

A forward thinking solution for charge cooling
There’s an old saying: “If you can’t stand the heat, get your intercooler outta the engine!”, Or something like that. Factory intercoolers work well on factory 335i’s, but with added boost comes added heat load. To overcome this, Active Autowerke’s unit stands tall and way up front, catching more air with the help an 88% larger core and a specially designed shroud.

Their tests show an air temp drop of close to 30° F in the intake manifold, with a gain of 12 usable rear wheel HP on a Mustang MD250 dynamometer.

Active Autowerke exhaust system

Active Autowerke exhaust system

335i High Flow Stainless Cat Back Exhaust

You had the good sense to invest in a 335i. Why let back pressure rob your system of substantial HP and torque? Install Active Autowerke’s high flow stainless exhaust and increase exhaust airflow by 35-40%. Reap performance gains galore and gain a cool new muffler tone. Heck, you’ll even shed some pounds in the upgrade, like 35lbs.This product comes complete with full warranty

Key Features
Dual 90mm stainless steel tips
Polished 100% 304 stainless steel
All Stainless steel hardware
Large inlet pipes with super high-flow design
Illustrated instruction manual
Limited lifetime warranty with free tech support

Blow off valve BOV

Blow off valve BOV

335i Blow Off Valve Kit

OK. So here’s the situation: BMW builds this incredible go-bot called the 335i. But you’re not content with merely “incredible”. You’re chasing “stupendous”. And your friends at Active Autowerke have just the ticket to help you get there.

The single BOV sports a huge venturi, designed to handle excess pressure build-up against the turbo compressor impeller blades. That pressure can cause the impeller to stop spinning (a.k.a. Compressor Surge),which can damage the compressor wheel and shaft. With our valve in place, the stock turbos are protected as the boost is raised – you can take HP to the stratosphere, enjoy the spoils of all that performance, and get that cool “whoosh” sound as your machine spits out excess inlet pressure.

All hardware & fittings have that quality factory look you demand, and are built to perform flawlessly under the most aggressive boost conditions.

Key Features
High-efficiency single displacement BOV – takes place of two smaller plastic valves
Large opening can handle maximum boost, provide high flow
Proven and tested to handle 600+ HP
All aluminum venturi design with factory-style throttle clamp
CNC machined flange
Durable black powder-coated wrinkle finish
Illustrated instruction manual & installation guide for easy “Plug ‘n Play”

More information about this products, and installation instructions, please visit Active Autowerke.

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