Adaptive KW coilovers now available for old BMW 3-series

The KW DDC ECU coilover kit with KW App controls via an iPhone is already available for the old BWM 3-series station wagon (E91). From now on the “iPhone coilover kit” made of stainless steel is also available for all BMW 3-series convertible (E93) and coupé (E92) models. Thru the adaptive damper adjustment, the popular 3-series models act sporty dynamically or comfortable, depending on the driving situation. Those who want to adjust their own damper setup with the free KW DDC App, simply use their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Up to five own setups can be stored with the KW DDC App and even be shared via Email with friends. The adaptive driving modes are changed with the KW button directly from the cockpit. Within the German TÃœV-approved adjustment range, a continuous lowering of up to 60 mm at the 3-series convertible and up to 50 mm at the 3-series coupé is possible.

While mainly new cars and sports cars are available with optional adaptive suspensions, KW automotive offers adaptive coilovers with App control for upgrade. In addition to a suspension control unit for reading the driving parameters of the electrical system and the corresponding adjustment of the damping characteristics, it is also possible to connect a W-LAN module to the adaptive KW DDC ECU coilover kit. “When our W-LAN module is connected,” said Johannes Wacker, Product Manager at KW automotive, “the damper characteristics can easily and individually be adjusted via our KW App.” The KW DDC App is available for free in the Apple App Store and with its intuitive menu navigation it is possible to configure up to five own damper setups within the vehicle-specific KW safety requirements for the KW E92 coupé and E93 convertible. The continuous damper setup allows either from maximum “Comfort”-setup (displayed in the App with 0%) up to Sport+ damper setup (displayed in the App with 100%), to adjust the KW DDC ECU damper independently of front and rear axle, to match the personal driving behavior. “With the push of a button the own setups can also be shared with friends via Email”, Johannes Wacker continues. With the included KW DDC button, the driver can change the damping characteristics to the road conditions with the modes “Comfort”, “Sport” and “Sport+”. The adaptive KW DDC ECU coilovers for the BMW 3-series coupé (E92) and convertible (E93) are also available without the App control to setup personal damper characteristics, then it is only possible to switch between the three KW DDC modes.


In the development of adaptive KW DDC ECU coilovers, the “Comfort”-mode was in focus and it convinced with a comfort-oriented identity. In addition, the KW DDC control module reads the vehicle data while driving and it automatically adjusts the damping characteristics to the driving speed. In mode “Sport” the dampers work agile, while in “Sport+” mode, the sporty damping characteristic is in focus. Especially the comparatively heavy BMW 3-series convertible wins significantly on driving dynamics by the KW DDC ECU coilovers. At a voltage drop, the KW DDC ECU coilover kit automatically changes into a mechanical fail-safe mode; a proportional valve immediately adjusts into a neutral middle position and the dampers continue to work in the KW basic setup. Therefore all eventualities and operator errors are defused.

When installing the KW DDC ECU coilovers, the original suspension kit will be replaced by a completely assembled KW coilover strut in “inox line” stainless steel finish. It allows a continuous lowering within the German TÃœV-tested adjustment range of 20 to 50 mm at the front axle of the 3-series coupé (E92) and 30 to 60 mm at the 3-series convertible (E93). On the driving axle, the adjustment of the vehicle height has to be made directly at the rear axle height adjustment within the TÃœV approved range of 15 to 45 mm at the Coupé and 20 to 50 mm at the convertible. The matching certificate belongs to the delivery content as well as the entire installation accessories.

In the next few months, KW automotive will develop and launch further innovative suspension solutions with Smartphone compatibility for the product family KW iSuspension.

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