Agency Power 32mm Front adj. Sway Bar BMW M3

Agency Power has now available a 32mm Front Adjustable sway bar for BMW M3 E46 01-05. With the need for improved handling on any car, Agency Power took one of the world best sports car and made it one step better. Rear wheel drive cars are known for their over steer characteristics.

The BMW E46 M3 is a powerful machine that in aggressive circumstances needs a little correction. The Agency Power front sway bar works with the factory sway bar links and bushings to give your car more under steer and improved handling.

sway bar

The front sway bar is 32mm in diameter and 2 way adjustable. The completely hollow sway bar saves much needed weight compared to competition and the factory bar.

Sway Bars come in Brilliant Agency Power blue color and are made out of steel. Powder coating protects them from environment elements for longevity. Bars are sold individually for the 2001-2005 BMW M3 E46. All Agency Power products come with a 90 Day limited warranty. More details here: M3 Sway bar.

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