Agency Power Carbon Fiber Intake Elbow

Agency Power has had a successful following in the BMW E46 M3 market and now with the new E92/90 M3 out, we have been doing some extensive R&D on several new products. The V8 engine is extremely powerful and well tuned from BMW. Aftermarket intakes on the new BMW will throw a check engine light because of the sensitivity of the stock intake system.

And as proven in testing, a cold air intake kit really did not improve performance worth the cost. So Agency Power developed this carbon fiber intake elbow to not only dress your engine up, but it also helps in creating a smooth airflow pattern into the intake manifold.

The factory rubber elbow is corrugated like a flex hose which can cause turbulence affecting air flow efficiency. The new Agency Power carbon fiber elbow piece has a smooth interior which will not disturb the air flow pattern. With faster and more efficient air flow, your throttle response will greatly improve. The Carbon Fiber elbow features a glossy clear coat that dresses up the engine bay. Each side is connected with the Agency Power black silicone couplers that are then secured with clamps. To retain the factory return air hose tube, we have CNC machined a fitting from 6061 aluminum for a secure and functional fit.

This product is designed for use with the BMW E92/90 M3 V8 engines only. It is sold as a kit and comes with our 1 year warranty on the carbon fiber finish. Silicone couplers are available in black only.

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