Akrapovic M4 Exhaust

Akrapovic BMW M4 exhaust system is expected to receive a very warm welcome from the M4 owners. The word is most of them are not happy with the way the standard system sounds. Those big turbos in the engine kill most of the desirable notes before they reach the mufflers. When left stock, the new BMW M4 sounds comparatively weak compared to the E92 M3 which it replaces. However, this isn’t a surprising considering it features an inline-six cylinder twin-turbocharged engine compared to the E92’s naturally aspirated 4.2-litre V8 engine.


Soundtrack concerns aside, Akrapovic BMW M4 exhaust will also be beneficial to the car’s performance. The new titanium-made exhaust system comes with two different tips and color scheme, to differentiate between a lower offering exhaust and a more race-oriented system. Both tailpipe models are pictured here.


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