Akrapovic M5 Exhaust

Akrapovič started in the exhaust business more than 2 decades ago with motorcycle exhausts. Today, Akrapovič is widely recognised as a highly innovative materials technology company. The brand is synonymous with the highest level of design, performance enhancement and the creation of an unmistakable deeply resonant exhaust sound.

Cars equipped with Akrapovič exhaust systems benefit from additional performance and increased responsiveness. Significant gains in power and torque are achieved throughout the entire rpm range.

They just published a new video on Youtube showcasing the capabilities of their Evolution Line titanium exhaust for the LCI BMW M5.

Apart from the raspier sound, their exhaust is also capable of making your car even more powerful and responsive. According to their official stats you’ll get a 10 HP increase alongside an adjacent 17 Nm of torque bump and 10 kilos less (23 lbs)

After adding a full titanium Evolution system, you’ll never want to stop driving. The exhaust system is made of our proprietary titanium and consists of dual-outlet mufflers with exhaust valves, flow-optimized pipes, and a unique cast X-shaped part with resonators. The Evolution lowers the back pressure and gives the M5 more power without removing the catalytic converters. It increases responsiveness and offers a big difference in weight.

Sound is improved too, with a deep sporty sound that grows to an aggressive roar when driven hard but still has no droning. It works well with the M5’s ANC system – just like the valve system, which is regulated through the M5’s settings. Complete the look with a set of four exquisite tailpipes in titanium or carbon fibre.

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