3 series

Tuning and acessories news about the 3 Series BMW.

G-POWER, for 3 decades a proven address for high-quality BMW tuning, is presenting its latest products at the 2006 Essen Motor Show. The presentation will include the new “SILVERSTONE DIAMOND” wheel design, which skillfully combines innovation with emotional appeal. It is perfectly tailored to the current BMW vehicles. G-POWER will also be showcasing its new...

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HARTGE H50 V10 BMW 3 Series

November 23, 2005 | 0 Comments

The first thing that strikes you is the two-tone paint work, the special air-outlets on the bonnet and wings, as well as the HARTGE front-spoiler lip and the HARTGE rear spoiler. The 3 series BMW from the Saarland – to be more exact, the HARTGE H50 V10 – is a masterwork in many ways and...

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