Autoenhance gives the E90 and E91 the ‘1M Look’

Autoenhance are proud to announce that they can now offer their popular ‘1M Look front bumper for the 3 Series E90 and E91 models. The bumper is a straight replacement fit and retails at just £495 including VAT.

The conversion features cheek vents for brake cooling and additional air intakes for engine cooling. Fitting and painting is also available at the Autoenhance tuning centre, conveniently located in Romford, just east of London, and close to the M25 motorway.


For further details visit the AUTOENHANCE website:

2 Responses to Autoenhance gives the E90 and E91 the ‘1M Look’

  1. ray c. says:

    I would like to know if auto enhance ships to the U.S.? if so how much for the 1m front bumper for a 2006 bmw 325i sport painted in paint code 354 titanium silver and shipped out the door?

  2. BTM says:

    Hi, you have to contact Auto Enhance please.