BILSTEIN BMW ’02 (E10) B6 Sport Damper Upgrades

BILSTEIN, the hugely respected German suspension manufacturer, has released details of its finely engineered damper upgrade for BMW’s superbly tweakable ’02 range- in all of its incarnations. Although a relatively rare car these days, those that are left are often tuned, restored and fettled cars, making them the perfect recipients for the firmer and more positive damping action of the BILSTEIN B6 Sport units.

Although the E10 has pretty reasonable handling credentials ‘out of the box’, BILSTEIN has used its enviable knowledge and experience to create the ultimate upgrade that maintains the character and comfort of the original car, but with a sharper focus on handling precision, making it faster through the turns and more rewarding to drive. BILSTEIN’s B6 Sport damper package helps to significantly enhance the dynamic abilities of the old BMW, working in perfect harmony with either the OEM springs or any quality aftermarket offerings. With the factory units now doubtless very tired and performing below par, the B6 BILSTEIN Sport units will help to create a ‘better than new’ feel in ride and handling terms.

The BILSTEIN B6 range is designed for those looking for more damping capability, with improved handling and reduced squat and dive, without ruining everyday ride comfort. Using the very latest in BILSTEIN gas pressure technology and precision monotube construction, each unit is hand finished in BILSTEIN’s German factory to surpass even the most stringent of OEM production standards. Fitments are available for the 1502, 1600 Ti, 1602, 1802, 2002 and all Ti, Tii and Turbo derivatives.. basically, every E10! Two damper configurations can be ordered; either ‘Komfort’ or ‘Club Sport’, each one doing pretty much what it says on the box!

Offering significantly greater service life than the standard part, the BILSTEIN B6 dampers also increase active safety through more efficient braking and better traction. Ideal as service replacements, or the perfect way to improve a cherished car.

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