BILSTEIN BMW E92 M3 B12 Chassis Upgrades

BILSTEIN, the respected German suspension manufacturer, has released details of its much-vaunted BILSTEIN B12 matched spring and damper package for the E92 BMW M3. This kit will fit all models from March ’07 onwards on options are available to cater for cars with or without electronic damper control and ESC.

The BILSTEIN B12 packages consist of four Eibach Pro-Kit springs and four matched BILSTEIN dampers, making for the ultimate ‘real-world’ handling upgrade that balances unparalleled ride quality with exemplary handling and poise. The well proven set-up offers a drop of approximately 20mm all-round for an improved, aggressive stance that still offers enough ground clearance for ‘real world’ use.

The BILSTEIN dampers that come with the kit draw heavily from the firm’s motorsport heritage and are carefully matched BILSTEIN B8 units, using BILSTEIN’S pioneering design and gas pressure technology. After full dyno analysis, each kit application has been signed off by BILSTEIN test drivers and engineers at both the Nürburgring as well as the industry-leading Papenburg test facility – hence the reason that the BILSTEIN B12 kit offers such a peerless ride and handling balance.

All four springs have been pre-stressed, shot peened and tempered, before receiving a two-stage zinc-phosphate and electrostatic epoxy coating for a long and durable life. The kit comes with a comprehensive 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty. As one might expect from BILSTEIN, full TÃœV approval for every single application comes as standard.

The combined effect of the complete BILSTEIN B12 kit is a car with less body roll that corners with vastly improved dynamics. Thanks to reduced squat and dive, acceleration and braking characteristics are also enhanced.

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