BILSTEIN releases B4 Damper Upgrades for BMW X5

German suspension giant BILSTEIN has released a damper upgrade for all non-pneumatic suspension variants of BMW’s X5. The new dampers offer either a cost-effective way to upgrade a cherished car, or the perfect way to effect a ‘service replacement’ with a component that vastly outperforms the original part.

Working in perfect harmony with either the OEM springs or any quality aftermarket offerings, the BILSTEIN B4 dampers offer a perfect compromise between ride and handling. Suitable for all petrol and diesel engine variants, these dampers will give a ‘better than new’ handling demeanour to any X5. Finished in a smart OEM black hue, these are the ideal solution for those looking to upgrade their car.

Using the very latest in BILSTEIN gas pressure technology and inverted monotube construction, each unit is hand finished in BILSTEIN’s German factory to surpass even the most stringent of OEM production standards. The monotube BILSTEIN dampers draw heavily from the firm’s motorsport heritage and are vastly superior to the twin-tube design used by most manufacturers.

Offering significantly greater service life than the standard part, the BILSTEIN dampers also increase active safety through more efficient braking, better traction and improved handling.

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