BMW 3-Series E46 Prior-Design

Prior-Design developed a bodykit that gives a stronger look to the BMW 3-Series. Prior-Design is a German tuner specialized in manufacturing bodykits.

The new kit features a completely re-styled front bumper, new side skirts, a new rear bumper with diffuser which includes a sport exhaust system with 4 tips, 20″ alloy wheels and a pearl white color giving the car an aggressive look.

The new body kit makes the car stronger and aggressive. The car is fully painted in white and those white rims match the car’s design perfectly.



31 Responses to BMW 3-Series E46 Prior-Design

  1. Ronal Zelaya says:

    I would like to know if they make the new body kit that is the color white in the new body style for a BMW 2002 330 i 4 door and where can i find it and if you guys make bit would you let me know this is the only one i can find and is the best

  2. Aiden says:

    dan when i grow up i want a car just like that

  3. jeff reynolds says:

    how much Would it cost for a bodykit like that for my 330ci??

  4. Gary says:

    just wondering is there possible way to get this kit? and how much is it if anyone konws….it looks awesome ^^

  5. ismaeel says:

    from where i can get it.
    and what the of all bumpers and side skirts and exhaust.

  6. matthew says:

    where can i order this bodykit ?

  7. Omar says:

    How much would it cost to turn my 08 328i into that car?

  8. omar says:

    wow i have i bmw but i want this bumper for my car

  9. wummm says: the hole body kit costs 960 euro and it is just a dream to have…

  10. john. l says:

    where can i order this body kit? and how much? best body kit i seen

  11. angelo says:

    dove posso ordinare il bodykit per la mia bmw 3 46 coupe’?

  12. khairul says:

    Bmw E46 prior design..where can i order this bodykit in malaysia and how much is the cost?

  13. bmw330ice says:

    How can i order this for my 2006 330Ci to America?

  14. manu says:

    i have a 2000 328i 4 doors how much is a complete body kit for it i am from romania


  15. BTM says:

    Pricing information here:

  16. sherwin says:

    where in miami can i buy this kit ?

  17. Daniel says:

    doe`s anyone know the name of those wheels?

  18. Mahesh Bhika says:

    HI, I must say I have never in mylife seen such a perfect smooth body kit for the E46 coupe. Please PLease Please could you advise me on how could I get this body kit for my car as I am staying in South Africa, Johannesburg.

  19. Wayne says:

    Hey i just recently bought my first BMW last week. Its a 2004 330ci 2dr coupe. I dont know if its a E36 or E46 model. Could any one tell me the answer and im looking to get a M3 body kit if at all possible. Does anybody know a good site for performance parts?

  20. BTM says:

    Hi, if it is from 2004 then it is a E46.

  21. WP says:

    Where can i get this body kit? I want it. Its beautiful

  22. CZ 75b says:

    will its fits on 2003/BMW 325i??

  23. StoneBoss says:

    The photos of the Prior-Design E46 kit
    are different than the currently available kit I’ve seen on the internet. Is the kit shown in the article a pre-production prototye? (the kit in the article is nicer!)

  24. justnuts2 says:

    have 330 ci need info on eng tuning need for speed have complete magaflow exhaust all ready have body kit

  25. toni says:

    give me price from e46 2002

  26. Jon says:

    nicer looking than the m3 package. i want this kit but can’t find it.

  27. Mayk Abreu says:

    where can i order this body kit? and how much?And wich brand are the wheels?
    I just love the whole body kit.Thanks

  28. Mayk says:

    The body kit sells at from germany and it cost with shiping about 2000 euros, includs the four tip exhaust, but not the rims.

  29. Rashid says:

    Hai there. Kindly advice me where to order this BMW E46 PRIOR-DESIGN bodykit. For your info i am living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  30. Agustin Rubistein says:

    is it possible to get this kit? it’s the perfect kit for the car. in the case that this kit exists, how much it costs?

  31. sean says:

    What set of fenders are those are they 2004 and up i have 2003 and they look different. and are the four tip exhaust working pipes are some for looks and some for actual exhaust. and is the kit ready to install right with out lots of mods to get it to fit. thanks