BMW 6 Series Convertible Chassis Upgrades

Eibach, the respected German suspension manufacturer, has launched an impressive range of dynamic enhancements for BMW’s latest GT offering; the stunning 6-series convertible.

As the global leader in OEM suspension technology, Eibach has unrivalled access to chassis and technical data for all BMW models, resulting in a kit that offers factory levels of fit and finish, but combined with substantial improvements in handling and control over the showroom model. Naturally, all components come with full TUV approval and maintain the 6 series’ composure in all situations, without inducing unwelcome ‘scuttle shake’.

The first enhancement available is the Pro-Kit. These pre-stressed springs lower the car by around 30mm, lowering the centre of gravity and endowing the BMW with an aggressive stance. Thanks to Eibach’s unparalleled research and development, these springs feature a unique ‘progressive’ coil that offers a softer section for everyday driving and commuting, combined with a stiffer, more aggresive section further up the spring to equip the car with precise road holding and cornering. This seamless progression offers true versatility, in-keeping with the car’s purpose. The springs have been carefully configured to work with the factory dampers and also benefit from a class-leading 5 year warranty.

For drivers seeking the ultimate in dynamics and aesthetics, Eibach also offer a wide selection of Pro-Spacers. These are precision manufactured, hub-centring spacers which are machined from aerospace grade aluminium. Available in a wide variety of widths, they are the perfect way to increase the track measurement of the car for enhanced steering feel and ‘turn in’.

Pro-Kit ‘Dynamic Benefits’

• Lowered ride height, more sporty / aggressive appearance

• Lower centre of gravity, therefore less body roll during cornering

• Improved braking and accelerating, due to reduced weight transfer between axles (nose diving under braking and squatting under acceleration) – maintaining tyre contact load

• Improved cornering grip and steering feel

• Ride comfort preserved whist still improving the vehicle handling (progressively wound)

Pro-Kit ‘Quality benefits’

• Full TUV accreditation

• Industry leading tolerances on spring rate and dimensions

• Stress relieved, Pre-Set and shot peened – eliminating spring ‘sag’ and vastly improving fatigue life

• Industry leading corrosion protection – double layered phosphate and electrostatic epoxy powered coated

• Same high quality spring steel as used in Eibach’s F1 springs!

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