BMW E46 JMS body kit

JMS have released a body kit for the previous model BMW E46 Coupe. The kit includes a new front lip suitable for models fitted with the facelift version including convertibles (€ 199). The front lip of the original design of the BMW’s is incorporated, integrated into the shape of the 3 series.

The rear section includes a rear apron (€ 199) with provision for larger exhaust systems. This approach incorporates a cross section from both sides under the vehicle to create a unique appearance The rear apron and front lip can be ordered in black aluminum (24.90) or silver (19,90 €).

JMS use a 4-pipe outlet rear muffler from Eisenmann (969 €), which provides the sound. The system can be enhanced with an iron sound tube (without TÜV € 119 €).


Contact with the road is improved with threaded suspension with 60mm lowering front and rear 35mm (539 € coupling rod incl). The new FSW Vulcano rims are another highlight of the JMS reworking, available in 8×18 and with 225/40-18 tires (1449 €).

All parts come with TÃœV approval and are made in Germany.

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