BMW F22 Eurofighter by HGK Motorsport

Latvian aftermarket tuner HGK Motorsport is in the business of building BMW race cars. They’ve played around with just about every trim and model imaginable, except for the 2 Series F22 chassis. So, in their efforts to maintain an authoritative reputation, HGK decided to give the 2-Series a try. And by the looks of the final product, we think it’s safe to say they nailed this one.

The list of competition components goes on from there to include a 40-liter FIA fuel cell, Wilwood brakes, a fully adjustable suspension, front and rear crash bars, full roll cage… the works, all enveloped in custom Kevlar bodywork that makes it look as mean as any military aircraft.

It’s been built to Formula Drift specifications, and has just been delivered to MK Racing in Qatar – but you can check it out in this heart-pumping video courtesy of

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