BMW M6 CLR600 by Lumma

On the face of it, it looks like a Bolide from an Italian luxury smithy. Then it lets you recognize it as a very authentic Bavarian missile. The initial optics of the BMW M6 has changed considerably to suit the needs of a race-worthy layout for a car of its size. The modification called “CLR 600” sits lower, is broader and has a more aggressive, but attractive look due to its modified features and attachments.

“With our new body kit, we have been able to keep up with the desires of many M6 drivers”, says designer Horst Lumma. The M6 comes with spoilers, blinds, bonnet, tailgate and even interior parts on request, all made of the super light and easily colorable Carbon look that helps greatly reduce the standard dead weight of approx. 1.8 tons.

Order your body kit for the M6 from Lumma Design and you’ll get a front spoiler bumper with park distance control and headlight washing system, mudguard extensions in the front and back, doorsills with compressed-air brake shafts and rear aprons with air diffuser.


And just this basic configuration would provoke envious looks from anyone, assures Horst Lumma. The real kick would be delivered only by some small, but fine add-ons and modifications. That would include the rear spoiler and a reinforced (carbon-fiber) roof, a racing or sports brake system, 20 inch wheels with 255 or 305 performance tires or the V-max suspensions. The car’s override draws a top speed of 300 kmph (186 mph approx.) out of the 5 liter, 40-valve V-10 engine. If this feature were not there, the engine would have been pretty unimpressive, says Lumma; a very reasonable stance to the brilliant performance of this engine. And last but not the least, the 507 hp of this car of the M series produce a maximum torque of 520 Nm and accelerate the M6 in 4.6 seconds from 0-100kmph (0-62mph).

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60 Responses to BMW M6 CLR600 by Lumma

  1. kannan says:

    wow! i have a 6 series and it looks nothing like this… how much does it cost to make a 630i look like this beast.
    also what does the front of this car look like?

  2. steven says:

    what year is this car from?

    sweet car

  3. jim bob jones says:

    cool car

  4. bmw650rider says:

    There’s no such thing as a 630 bro thatsthe old be ugly ones that look nothin like this I was wondering I have a 650 be I anted abody kit like urs and eisman race exhausts for it can u let me kno were I can find this?

  5. Dimka says:

    nice. Beest car ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dasheit 650i says:

    Just FYI, there is a 630. The 630i is the 6 cylinder that uses regular gas and the 630d uses diesel…….

  7. abood says:

    This is my favorite car……..

  8. stanley atmadja says:

    kindly give me contact address to order lumma design body kit for 6 series

  9. tweety says:

    The car you have is very nice.This is my favorite car!!!!!!!!!!

  10. kannan says:

    to the 650rider… so u think a 630 is not good enough…. what do u think of my other 2 cars SL55 AMG and the Porsche Turbo… i just can’t be bothered to pay another extra £1500 for the extra 100bhp p.s. i am 24 yrs old…. what were u driving when u were 24…. looser!!

  11. ilya says:

    this car is black. this car can drive. this car has wheels. this is a bmw m6. bmw means british motor works. i like this car. this car is fast. it reaches 198 mph when stock.

  12. fuck face says:

    look like poop

  13. nielzeken says:

    Ilya, wtf? bmw means Bayerische Motoren Werke. you loser
    and btw, 630i exists even as 645i 650i and 635d. I’m from germany so i would know

  14. nielzeken says:

    i’m from germany i’m stupid. i look ugly. i like this car. i wish i had one like this.

  15. bmw is gay.mpwer is gay says:


  16. Aman says:

    wow nice ride…..but might need some upgrades…

  17. Ron says:

    Bavarian Motor Works !

  18. Zack says:

    So kannan, im pretty sure you need to shut up. Anyone can say anything on the internet, in fact, im 19 and drive a space shuttle to school.
    Go die.

  19. smithy says:

    RUINED IT!!!!

  20. Giuliano says:

    i have the m6 and i bet you the way it looks now is better than any m6 car they can make

  21. A.B.L.E./Deep Groove Society Los Angeles says:

    I am getting this CLR600…and Lready drive an AUDI R8 and Porsche GT3…Except for the German and Zack you all are Dumb as HELL!!!@!!!#$$$%

  22. king says:

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  23. scoot says:

    I agree with giuliano, you are all idiots. To the guy who wants to know how he can get this body kit, look ant the fucking top of the page, it a CLR600 body kit made by lumma. SO contact Lumma you retard. I do not yet own my M6 so I can not say anything about it other than its a bad ass car!! I own an M3, sickest M3 yo will ever see, and a 92 ferrari 430 spyder. bad ass as well….

  24. BTM says:

    Scoot, share your M3 with us…

  25. Sean says:

    British Motor Works!???

  26. frazzle says:

    dude sweet ride…….i want this car… bad i cant afford it shit but i gota M3…..stick shift……fast ass car

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  28. Billy BOB says:

    I own a bugatti basically,,..this car looks like ass to me..

  29. ERKO says:




    FUCK U

  30. Jean Jacques says:

    Wow, that’s a beautiful car, how much does it costs?

    I got a Porche Cayenne and BMW M6. Pls tell me the cost of this car


  31. SANVOISIN says:

    Nice car? What’s the cost of this car
    I got AUDI R8 but like this one as well


  32. Jean Marc says:

    i have the m6 and i bet you the way it looks now is better than any m6 car they can make

  33. Jean Marc says:

    Thanks for the great info
    How much does it cost?


  34. Chip Dawg says:

    Shit….NO COMMENT!!!!!

  35. ilias says:

    hola me gusta bmw porque esn un coche muy bueno………………………………………………………………………….

  36. Young D says:

    BMW M6 are Sick, i’m going to get 1 atfer my First single and Album get Released. and i’m going to get a Audi R8 and a Bentley Continental GTC.

    Young D ( Y.D.C )

  37. viktor zim says:

    yo bro i got the m6. yu dont fuck around wit such cars dude

  38. kamel says:

    hadi bmw wala khalini

  39. kamel says:

    m6 très belle

  40. rahan says:


  41. kanjaee says:

    i love bmw and dream buy it the first car

  42. mangkuk tingkat says:

    i saw this car in front of one chinese restaurant in KL last year (December), i know its a bemer but not sure what model, now i know .. hmmm.. wish i can have one … dreammmm dreammmm.. dreammm…

  43. Firebird says:

    shit if u got an M6why the body kit any way am into muscle cars i got the TRANS AM 1977 SE with a 1200hp 0-60: 1.7 sec so i dont belive in traction control toys or saving gas! But if u got the 645 or 650 then why not buy the body kit and play wit th engin and exhust!

  44. jan says:

    yo guys think for a minute what the fuck are you all talking here deam…
    why is bmw so special?? im driving mazda and thats the shit

  45. Carl. says:

    British Motor Works… stupid fucker.
    all you R8 owners, lying fuckers.
    No such thing as 630i ?!
    You’re some fucking retards.
    Read something.

  46. meltemmm says:

    wonderful car 🙂 very beautiful and very sexy :):):)

  47. hossam says:

    salut atout bmw m6_m5_m4_m3

  48. bono says:

    OK for one thing ur all dipshits except for zack nice i ride my previte jet tht i both from klm
    hes right u can write whatever u want on the internet
    and anyone tht can aafford a top car like a PORCHE 911 TURBO or bugatti isnt going to come to this site so all u people tht are saying i have this and tht
    it is all a load of BULLSHIT

  49. bono says:

    and what the fuck is a german car doing with a fucking british name??!???!
    i dont know the name but im a 100% positive its not fucking british motorworks
    i think its bovorian motor works in english but ofcourse in germany it is different

  50. Burke says:

    Zack does drive a spaceship to skool. I’ve seen him. You guys are all fags (not zac, bono, or any one that leaves legit comments) Quit being faggots and pull those double X L monster cocks out of your mouths and think of something intelligent to say.

    This is a beautiful car, appreciate it for what it is and move on. I dont give a damn what you drive, why are you lying and trying to brag? Are you trying to show off and hopefully pick me up? Quit being such a cock slobbering homo and get a life. And dont make me waste my time writing something like this again.

  51. jack di don says:

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  52. a.von b. says:

    Wow, there are dumb motherfuckers worldwide!

  53. alex scovepen says:

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  54. alex scovpen says:

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  55. ali says:

    wat is the price of that model???

  56. mohamad reza says:


  57. AHMED says:

    Nice car

  58. tarig abdalla says:

    makes your day

  59. thomas says:

    nice ride man…keep up the good work. Dont listen to all those haters
    BMW is one of the finest car makers out there…even their strait sixes run good and have quite smooth acceleration…i got to drive a couple a while back and even a 528i is faster than my civic…civics are good cars but will never be as fast or refined as a bmw…
    and bmw does not stand for british motor works yes just got through arguing with a friend about that and after research he was wrong…if bmw was british i would probably not buy it…no offense meant but bayerische cars are always better