BMW Z4 tuned by Hartge

After the reveal of the new BMW Z4, tuners have started to work and to show their tuning programs. One of the tuning firms that managed to show first is Hartge which have revealed their accessories for the new 2009 BMW Z4. The BMW Z4 tuned by Hartge features both exterior and interior modifications.

The Hartge BMW Z4 can be equipped with both 18 or 19 inch alloy wheels along with aluminum pedals and footrest, stainless steel exhaust pipes, special emblems for the exterior and interior plus and also new speedometer with a 300 km/h or 200 MPH maximum speed.


For the moment Hartge didn’t offer a power upgrade for 2009 BMW Z4, but we can hope it for the near future. The Harge tuning program for 2009 BMW Z4 price was not announced yet.

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  1. nomi khan says:

    wao what a car…..!!! lovely