Bosch water pump

Your vehicle’s water pump is among the most crucial parts of your car. This part constantly pumps the coolant and water to your cars engine to avoid overheating. There are many water pumps such as the Bosch water pump among others that you can go for in case you is in need of one.

A faulty bearing or a leak in the water pump can lead to severe damage to your engine. As a vehicle owner, you should watch out for such malfunctions that call for replacement or repair. Some of the signs that your car water pump requires replacing include high-temperature readings, and water or puddles of coolant beneath your car. Here are some tips to follow so as to be sure:

Overnight sitting
Park your car in a garage that has got a clean floor and let it sit there overnight. If this is not possible, you can put a light colored piece of cardboard under your car. This cardboard should be directly the cars motor.

Look at the cardboard in the next morning. In case it is wet from water, there is a leak somewhere, perhaps in the gasket or water pump. If there is a green liquid on the piece of cardboard, it is antifreeze. This implies that you have a coolant leakage somewhere.

Check the pump pulley
Try to push the water pump pulley back and forth. In case it is somewhat loose, it is time to get it replaced as the bearing is bad. Bosch water pumps or any other pump that has got a loose pulley will end up failing.

Listen to your car
Start your engine while the hood is open. In case you hear some low pitched grinding sound, it might be a sign that your pump is not in good condition.

If you notice any of the above signs among others in your cars engine, it is time to have it changed. You can go for a Bosch water pump or any other car water pump you appropriate for your car.

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