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breyton wheels bmw Breyton Design presented three new wheels for the 2008 season. Stylishly tuned BMWs have long been the trademark of breyton design from Stockach on Lake Constance, Germany. One of the mainstays of its product range are the popular breyton wheels. For the 2008 season, breyton design is serving up no fewer than three new models. With the designs “Race CS”, “Race GT” and “Race GTS”, breyton design leaves drivers spoilt for choice.

Timelessly elegant: Race GT

Breyon BMW Alloy

With its 15 delicate spokes, the breyton “Race GT” wheel is an exceptionally attractive interpretation of the classic motor racing multi-spoke design. It is timelessly elegant and bridges the gap between sportiness and elegance with ease. The spokes that extend all the way up to the rim flange make the wheel look exceptionally large. It is available in three finishes: shiny silver (painted), Alu (peen-finished) and black (painted). breyton design offers the wheel in the sizes 8.5×19″, 9.5×19″, 8.5×20″ and 10×20″. Without the use of wheel spacers, the “Race GT” has an offset of 35 mm, with wheel spacers an offset of 15 mm. breyton design offers the wheel from a price of 330 euros (8.5×19″, shiny silver painted), e.g. for the BMW models E36, E46, E90 and, for instance, the Z4 and X3.

Sporty: Race CS

black bmw wheels

A sporty Y-spoke design – ten basic spokes, which double in number as they branch outward – is presented by the single-piece breyton “Race CS” wheel. It is available in seven (!) different finish combinations and, as such, caters to a wide range of tastes:
HC DPL (Hyper silver, diamond polish lip), HC SSL (Hyper silver, stainless steel lip),
MP SSL (Mirror paint, stainless steel lip), GB DPL (Black paint, diamond polish lip), GB SSL (Black paint, stainless steel lip), MG RCL (Matt gun metal, lip with red circle) and MG SSL (Matt gun metal, stainless steel lip). In this regard, the versions with the red stripe around the circumference stand out – a detail which is a guaranteed head-turner. The version with a stainless steel lip stands out both from a visual and technical viewpoint thanks to the corrosion-resistant material.

The various finishes are available in 8.5×19″, 9.5×19″, 8.5×20″ and 10×20″. The offsets are 30 (19″) and 35 mm (20″) and diminish when using wheel spacers to 10 and 15 mm. Once again, these wheels can be used on numerous current and older BMW models from the 3 series E36 to the 3 series E46, Z4 and 3 series Coupé E92 in addition to larger model lines such as the 8 series E31, 5 series E61 and 6 series E63. The breyton “Race CS” wheel is available from 315 euros.

Stylish: Race GTS

Breyton bmw wheels

Also featuring a Y-spoke design, the breyton “Race GTS” wheel cuts an impressive figure and conveys a sense of lightness of foot. The concave shaped part of the transition from the seven basic spokes into their branches constitutes an initial design highlight here. A concave shape also reveals itself when looking at the wheel design from an angle. The wheel center is located at a deeper level, the rim flange at a higher level. The stylish appearance is rounded off by the kinks used as a further design element, exhibited by each of the spoke branches. Also for the “Race GTS” wheel, breyton design offers a number of finishes: Hyper silver (HC), Mirror paint (MP) and Black paint (GB). Sizes: 8.5×19″ (ET30), 9.5×19″ (ET35), 8.5×20″ (ET35) and 10×20″ (ET30). When using wheel spacers, the offsets go down to 10 (8.5×19″) and 15 mm respectively.
As with the “Race GT” and “Race CS” wheels, these can also be fitted on numerous BMW models. breyton design offers a guaranteed sporty and stylish appearance for each and every vehicle from a price of 295 euros (8.5×19″, Hyper silver).

All breyton wheels are TÃœV approved and are of course supplied with a TÃœV parts certificate.

Further information on the high-quality BMW tuning suite from breyton design GmbH is available online at

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