Carbon Lightweight Roof Panel for BMW 1 series coupé

Since the year 2006 a-workx is offering professional performance tuning for sportscars like Porsche, Ferrari and BMW M Series and also other brands. Now, a-workx has available the Carbon Lightweight roof panel for all BMW 1 series coupès including the limited 1M coupé.

Approved at the M3 E92 it is now available for the 1 Series coupé! The advantages are a drecrease of weight of 6Kg (compared to a standard non sunroof). This weight saving at the top of the car is lowering the balance point and reduces the lateral G forces. Therefore the agility and driving pleasure increases tremendously.

A reasonable tuning option concerning a better performance and absoluty unique for the 1 series coupé! The carbon roof panel is made in a top quality and looks simply sensational!

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