DMC MELANGE – BMW E60 5 Series

DMC redefined car luxury when it customized the Rolls Royce Ghost. Now the German tuner has chosen to refine the BMW E60 5 Series and delivered a splendid result while keeping the brand‘s original spirit.

With this luxurious as well as sporty modification, DMC proves that the company also has a clear understanding of customizing German cars. Especially light body components made of carbon fiber, a powerful increase to the engine performance and an interior covered with the finest ostrich leather fulfill the desires of the exclusive clientele.


Special attention was paid by DMC to performance optimization: The German Business car sprints from 0 to 60 mph in only 4,2 seconds and doesn‘t stop before reaching 220 mph thanks to 730 horse powers that come from a V10 Bi-Compressor engine. This serves a total torque of 700 Nm that unfold its power via the 10×21 (front axle) and 12×21 (rear axle) diamond forged wheels.

The DMC Melange is given its optical finishing touch by the uplift-reducing aerodynamic kit made of pure carbon fiber. As a result of the modification, the car‘s weight is significantly lighter when compared with the original series.


Those who have the chance to see the Melange not only from the back on the German Autobahn will be spoiled by its richly decorated carbon fiber parts: A new expressive front features a carbon grill, carbon engine hood, carbon angry-eye lids and side fenders made of, of course, carbon fiber. The DMC side skirts ready the airflow between the axes and moreover give the vehicle an aggressive dynamic look. The newly designed rear, with the carbon fiber trunk lid as well as the carbon fiber diffuser stabilizes the rear axle and provide the necessary down force.

The most exquisite materials, processed with the traditional German craftsmanship distinguish theinterior of the DMC Melange. The leather used by DMC is original ostrich for the head rests, while the remaining driver cabin has been decorated with cattle leather that has been treated to look like ostrich to improve durability. Carbon fiber has been applied in the interior as well, and guarantees highest quality for the passengers’ eyes.

About DMC:
Located in the beautiful city of Duesseldorf, DMC maintains a design office on the world wide renowned Koenigsallee, Germany’s most prestigious boulevard featuring most top tier brands and banks. Heinrich Schoener, Deutsche’s founder, has been actively involved in tuning Ferraris and Lamborghinis for many years before deciding to go commercial. Nowadays, the company’s focus is on the refinement of luxury automobiles by creating dynamically enhanced body kits & car interiors. A strong focus on carbon fiber and special leathers like Ostrich define DMC (Deutsche Manufaktur Com.)‘s design character.

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