E46 M3 Supercharger Kit from Active Autowerke

Active Autowerke set the tuning industry on fire by engineering the planet’s first proven supercharger system for the E46 M3. But some are you are flat-out hard to impress, so we felt compelled to raise the power bar even higher with a Level 2 solution that was un poco more aggressive – while still as refined and reliable as our standard kit.

Today, we’re up to Generation 3 of this dyno destroyer. And the numbers are hotter than ever. As in 525 BHP hot. And 0-60 in 4.1 hot.

Increased power output is achieved with a smaller 70 mm pulley (5 mm less than Level 1) and some very crafty software goosing. A supercooling Active Autowerke water/alcohol injection kit is added to help eliminate detonation or knocking. Keep in mind, this kit can push your BMW factory exhaust system beyond its power tolerance – Active Autowerke strongly recommends an upgrade to high flow performance headers and a top quality free-flowing rear exhaust system. Like the ones they make.

Key Features
All features listed for Level 1 kit, PLUS:
Active Autowerke water/alcohol injection system
70 mm Pulley (5mm smaller than Level 1)
Even larger, higher-flow fuel injectors
Software upgrade to Gen 3 Active Autowerke Alpha-N Level 2
All Level 2 mounting hardware, plumbing, hoses and clamps
Illustrated Level 2 instruction manual & installation guide
Same 2 Year Warranty with free tech support

Performance Specs
Power : 525 BHP @ 7500 rpm
Torque : 388 ft/lbs @ 5500 rpm
0 – 60 mph : 4.1 sec
Top speed : delimited
1/4 mile : 12.1 sec @ 116 mph
Boost Level : 9.0 psi

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