Eibach Spring Upgrade for BMW F30 3 Series

As the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ people have long selected BMW as their marque of choice for its exceptional RWD handling. The new F30 ‘3’ series picks up the baton of the previously brilliant cars and achieves even headier heights of driver enjoyment – but it can be made even better still, thanks to German suspension giants, Eibach.

The respected spring manufacturer has released two chassis options for the latest BMW sports-saloon. The Pro-Kit lowers the car by 30mm front and 25mm, with the exception of when it is fitted to the 335i. In this model it affects a drop of 35mm/40mm Front/rear.

Those seeking a more aggressive stance can opt for the Sportline kit, which endows any recipient F30, with the exception of the 335i, with a drop on 40mm all-round. Perfect for those looking to create the optimum blend of style and performance.

Both kits consist of four pre-stressed progressively wound coil springs which are computer matched to work with the factory dampers, maintaining a fantastic ride quality, balanced with improved stance and handling. A progressively-wound spring allows a softer section for every day commuting that pushes into a stiffer section when really throwing the car into the turns – ideal for a car that needs to be all things for all people. Meaning whether you’re looking to improve road or track performance, you can enjoy simply incredible levels of handling and ride quality.

Shot-peening and tough electrostatic powder coating for enhanced durability complete the picture to create a spring package that will deliver improved performance for many years and miles to come.

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