Eibach Suspension Components

BMW Eibach Soft on top – a strong body below: The new 1 series convertible is the car fans of good handling dream of. In particular with the Suspension Components from Eibach, the BMW cuts a majestic figure, not just on the streets, but also on the winding country roads.

The Pro-Kit Performance Springs lower the car’s centre of gravity a considerable amount without making it uncomfortable, whilst at the same time, improving its appearance. A wider track also benefits the car, as the Pro-Spacer Aluminum-Wheel-Spacers prove. The Anti-Roll-Kit Performance Stabilizer Bars round off the driving performance. Drivers who place emphasis on individual height adjustment, can also obtain the Pro-Street-S Stainless Coil-Over Suspension System.

Eibach BMW Components

All Eibach Suspension Components, which are available through authorised dealers, are provided with a high-quality corrosion protection and are TÃœV-certified. For further information, please contact eibach’s sales hotline:+49 (0) 27 21 / 511-342.


    top-performance handling
    lower vehicle´s centre of gravity by approx. 1.2″ (30 mm)
    progressive spring design
    excellent ride quality
    part of the Eibach Pro-System


    made from high-tensile-strength aluminum alloy
    significant weight advantage compared to wheel-spacers made from steel
    exact fitment by using minimal production tolerances, resulting in exceptional wheel balance
    high-grade corrosion protection through a special coating process (salt spray test acc. to DIN 50021)
    all applications tested in rigid durability- and fatigue tests
    available for most popular car models


    reduction of body roll when driving in curves and during fast changes of direction
    unimpaired spring comfort at bilateral spring deflection
    decreasing the load difference between the wheels inside and outside the curve
    impacting the under- or over-steering tendency positively (auto-steering behaviour)


    height adjustment from 20 mm to 70 mm vehicle lowering (depending upon vehicle type)
    rust-free stainless steel design
    sporty and comfortable in the normal range, appealingly taut in the threshold
    spring elements drawing on our ERS program
    TÃœV certified adjustment area and complete documentation for an easy handling

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