Eibach suspension program for the new BMW 3 series

When first rolled out in 1975, the BMW 3 series was considered as an extremely light-footed, utterly direct sport limousine. Luckily, increased comfort and size haven‘t changed a bit of that in the new F30 generation. Right on time for the new model launch, Eibach presents numerous ways to fine-tune the suspension set-up individually.

The Pro-Kit Performance Springs make the 3 series hug its natural element – the road – even closer than before, underlining the driving fun and looks of the car. To make both stand out even more, just select the shorter Sportline Performance Springs Sport.

Eibach complete performance suspension kits are currently in development: the B12 Pro-Kit and the B12 Sportline, with specially adjusted Bilstein mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers.

A tailor-made version of the Eibach Pro-Street-S Coil-Overs with stainless steel components will also be available soon.

All components developed for the 3 series are compatible with the Eibach aluminum Pro-Spacer Wheel Spacer: they complete the drive-dynamic set-up and further accentuate the car‘s visual appeal.

All Eibach suspension components, which are available through authorised dealers, are provided with a high-quality corrosion protection and are TÃœV-certified.

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