Eisenmann E39 M5 Race Performance Exhaust

Eisenmann exhausts are engineered and manufactured in Stuttgart, Germany for maximum performance and deep, super sporty sound, using 100 % ultra light weight stainless steel construction.

Eisenmann has since 1988 been manufacturing top quality exhausts with full German TUV approval. Eisenmann systems feature an aggressive tone, and target the luxury European car owner who is proud of his car and wants to be noticed.

The systems are made from 100% 304 stainless steel and are manufactured to OEM or better specification using Eisenmann’s wide range of experience as an OEM exhaust manufacturer.

Eisenmann exhausts boast a nice, deep, throaty, yet highly refined sound that brings a sporty improvement to your driving experience, especially in the M5. This means that the exhaust really sings under heavy acceleration, yet maintains the integrity of the car in normal driving circumstances. Furthermore, the sound of an Eisenmann exhaust is energetic with the exhaust reflecting the style of the driver and of course, the BMW M5. It Intensifies the excitement of owning a BMW M5.

BMW Eisenmann exhaust

BMW Eisenmann exhaust

After installing your Eisenmann exhaust for your M5, you will experience instantaneous results. The average HP gains are 6.1%-6.4%. The flow restriction is reduced to 20.2%-25.5% vs. the stock flow restriction of 43%. Sound is increased from the stock 2 to the Eisenmann 5.1-8.9 (Average Sound Level based on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the loudest with the stock average of 2). The average weight reduction with the Eisenmann exhaust is 35%-70%.

• 100% light-weight T304/T306 stainless steel
• 2 year warranty
• TÜV certified (only SPORT sound level)
• DIN EN ISO 9001 certified
• CAD/CAM graphics and simulation design technology
• Laser CNC machining and sheet-metal processing
• Maximum horsepower and torque gains under all driving conditions
• Deep, throaty yet highly refined sound
• Dynamic sound, so that the exhaust sings under heavy acceleration, yet maintains the integrity of the car in normal driving.
• 2 Sound Levels (SPORT and RACE)

The Eisenmann exhaust is available in both Sport (quieter) and Race (louder) sound levels. The Race version produces over 90 decibels at full-throttle (WOT), and produces a strong exhaust tone that gives the M5 an aggressive character, while providing a small reduction in weight. Installation is simple using the included brackets. You can watch some videos of the exhaust in action on the BMW Videos section.

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