Eisenmann rear silencer for BMW X6M

There is more than enough performance in the BMW X6M (E71 type) with 555 hp. The right sound to match that is now provided by Eisenmann, the expert when it comes to sport exhaust systems. The stainless steel system comes in two versions and roars out of four tail pipes.

The rear silencer punches through the rear spoiler of the brawny Bavarian with four massive tail pipes, each 83 millimetres or even 90 millimetres in diameter as an option. The beveled double-walled stainless steel tailpipes have a very racy look, step on the accelerator and you hear the typical beefy roar made by Eisenmann.

The Sport version of the rear silencer puts the legal specifications to the limit and passes the TÃœV certification with a bellowing sound. The Race version with its four tailpipe system is designed for the race track and elevates the sound to a different level.

As usual, all rear silencers made by Eisenmann are hand-crafted and made of high-quality steel. The engineers at Eisenmann consider precision in workmanship as important as the flawless function of the flow-optimized muffler system. Furthermore, the top-notch design and of course the sporty sound are part of Eisenmann’s trademark.

The rear silencer for the BMW X6M with its four massive 83 millimetre tailpipes, including TÃœV approval is available directly from Eisenmann’s online shop at www.eisenmann-sportauspuff.de or at the specialized dealership for only 2915 Euro including applicable taxes. The 90 millimetre model with four tailpipes can be purchased for 2975 Euro.

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