Evolution Racewerks Front End Wide Body Kit

Evolution Racewerks is proud to introduce their new Front End (FE) Widebody Kit for the 2008+ BMW 1 Series Coupe (135i and 128i). The aggressive wide stance yet subtle lines will definitely turn heads! It’s functional purpose will increase the handling potential of your car exponentially. This is how the 1 series should have came from the factory!

To solve the handling issues with the 1 series, Evolution Racewerks built the FE Widebody Kit. They wanted the FE Widebody Kit to be aggressive yet subtle by following the styling lines laid out by BMW designers yet would allow us to run a 10″ wheel in the front and therefore a 285 wide tires as well. Since the factory wheels were 7.5″ and Evolution Racewerks wanted to run a 10″ wheel, they increased the front fenders 2.5″ (for a total of 5″ increased width or track).


This allowed to comfortably fit the 10″ wheel and not have clearance problems. With the front and rear wheels squared up, running both 10″ wide wheels front and rear with 285/30/18 Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 tires all around, the car exhibits a neutral handling characteristics in turns, the idea situation! Understeer has been virtually eliminated and rapid oversteer not an issue. With the basic traction issues resolved, Evolution Racewerks can now focus on suspension tuning. Suspension (shock/spring stiffness), alignment and sway bar changes are now more responsive and predictable. Now, efforts in improving handling show their true potential. With the changes in the wheel/tires that the FE Widebody Kit allows them to do, the car has completely transformed into a beast!

The FE Widebody Kit is available in 3 different composites. The Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is the most economical of all the versions. It has a gel coated and then preprimered for paint. Next up is the wet carbon fiber which traditionally is the process which all carbon fiber hoods and body kits are built. It is produced the same way as FRP except with carbon fiber sheets instead of fiberglass sheets. It is slightly lighter than the FRP. It comes gloss clear coated to show off the exposed carbon fiber weaves. Last, is our dry vacuum carbon fiber, which is lighter and stronger than the traditional wet carbon fiber. Resin is used to glue the layers of composite together and is heavy and brittle. The part is put into vacuum which pulls all the excess resin from the part. This allows the bare minimum of resin needed, make thing part super lightweight and strong.


-Developed directly through Evolution Racewerks’ Time Attack racing program.
-Completely bolt on kit; no body modifications required and only basic hand tools required for installation.
-100% reversible. You can remove the wide body kit and reinstall factory body panels.
-Fenders are 2.5″ wider than factory fenders giving you a total of 5″ of increased track.
-Easily accommodates a 10″ wide wheel (10.5″ max).
-5 piece kit (front bumper, 2x fenders, 2x side skirts).
-Available in economic fiberglass (FRP), traditional wet carbon fiber and ultra lightweight dry vacuum carbon fiber.
-Smooth finish on exterior as well as interior faces of each part.
-Includes all hardware needed for installation.

Kit Weights
Fiberglass: 32 lbs
Carbon Fiber (wet): 24 lbs
Carbon Fiber (dry vacuum): 17 lbs

Models Supported
2008+ e82 1-Series Coupes

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