Forge BMW 320D High-Performance Intercooler

The high-performance and motorsport range of BMW parts from Gloucestershire based Forge Motorsport seems to be growing by the day – and the very latest part to be created by the firm’s time-served craftsmen is a beautifully fabricated intercooler for all 320D variants of the E46 BMW.

Having taking great care to analyse the fit and function of the OEM part, Forge’s talented team of designers has created this bespoke component that utilises all of the factory mounting and pick-up points, making for an easy and straight-forward installation. The design features CNC machined hose couplers, allowing the original hoses to plug straight in.

As well as ease of fit, the Forge 320D Intercooler also features a far more efficient core construction, with a larger surface area and greater volume. This has a high thermal efficiency and low resistance, which ensures minimum loss of boost pressure with maximum cooling.

As with all Forge products, this new part underwent extensive testing prior to sale. Numerous dyno runs were recorded in order to be able to prove the gains promised. Testing on a totally standard car revealed a marginal peak figure gain of 4 bhp, but importantly, this gain was present throughout the rev range.


Testing on mapped cars however, revealed much more significant gains, with torque improvement lower down the rev ranges, and in certain instances, noticeable improvements in fuel economy, too.

For any car being used regularly on the motorway, driven hard for enjoyment or of course, being pressed into service as a towcar, this part makes a very prudent upgrade.

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