Forge Launches BMW 120D/130D Intercooler

Forge Motorsport have added another BMW fitment to their portfolio with their uprated intercooler for the BMW 120d and 320d models.

Each unit is hand-fabricated by Forge in their Gloucestershire factory and uses motorsport-quality materials and fabrication methods to create a unit which is both effective and aesthetic.

Forge’s engineers have taken great care to ensure that, despite the new unit’s significantly larger and more efficient core size, the Forge ‘cooler will bolt directly into the factory position, taking all factory fixings and hoses for a relatively straightforward and simple fitment.

By effectively lowering the charge temperatures, Forge’s own ‘mapped’ demo car saw a recovery of 10 bhp under independent dyno testing. This cooler charge also means that the engine will run slightly cooled, reducing stress and extending the life of the powerplant.

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