Forge Motorsport Front 380mm Brake Kit for E90 Series BMW

Forge Motorsport has released a superbly engineered high-performance big brake kit for all E90 series BMW models, with the exception of the M3.

Based on the well-proven 6-pot caliper kit that has been the impressive stopping force behind so many of Forge’s other BBK conversions, this stunning kit features 380 x 32mm discs to really endow the recipient car with some serious stopping power. The discs themselves are of a two-piece design featuring a precision-machined alloy bell and track-quality disc to ensure consistent stopping with zero fade.

The disc itself uses a curved groove to remove residual pad material and ‘face off’ the braking surfaces to eliminate squeal and keep pedal modulation consistent.

This is a very comprehensive kit, so naturally includes Forge braided brakes hoses, mountings and high-performance EBC fast-road/trackday pads. Everything needed is included.

Due to the immense size of this brake kit, owners will need to upgrade their wheels to a minimum of 19”, if not already so equipped, and certain, highly convex face wheel designs may still need a spacer to effect safe caliper clearance.

This kit is suitable for BMW 320D E90 Series, 335 Twin Turbo N54 engine and 335 Single Turbo N55 engine.

Priced at a very reasonable £1413.00 + VAT, it’s a great way to up your track pace, improve your safety – and enhance your car’s looks, all in one easy step.

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