Forge Motorsport Unveils Replacement Flurosilicone Boost Hose For BMW 535D and 635D

It’s all too easy to take certain aspects of your engine for granted, particularly if the parts in question can’t quite match up to the likes of aftermarket turbos, free-flowing manifolds and Blow Off Valves in terms of pub-boast potential! Things like boost pipes are a case in point and are often being overlooked and ignored…until they fail in spectacular fashion. Forge Motorsport is well placed to fix issues like this before they become serious, which explains why it has just releases a replacement boost hose for the BMW 535D and 635D, both of which have proven susceptible to failure.

Extensive research by Forge has shown there to be a number of reasons for boost hose failure on both BMW 535D and 635D, with its location, tucked down within the depths of the engine bay, undoubtedly being a major one. It means that a weeping hose is all too easy to overlook when conducting a cursory engine inspection, meaning that it only comes to light when it fails completely.

Location aside, one of the principle reason for OEM boost hose failure is thanks to continued exposure to both temperature and pressure and, most significantly, degradation from oil contamination. The need to combat these 3 factors led Forge Motorsport to construct its replacement hose with an expansive inner layer of Flurosilicone, an addition which not only makes it extremely resistant to oil exposure, temperature and pressure, but also means that it’s suitable for use with modern long-life coolants, Organic Acid Technology coolants or air containing oil mist.

Forge’s 4ply ships with everything needed to ensure a secure, leak-free fitment, including CNC machined alloy couplers and jubilee clips, both carefully chosen for this specific application. It means that not only is the house built to OEM standards, it can be relied upon to perform faultlessly for countless miles, and even comes with a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

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