G-POWER 4-pipe stainless steel sports exhaust systems

G-power 4 pipe exhaust system As one of the top addresses for stylish BMW tuning for more than 20 years, G-POWER has now introduced a new highlight into its range. The brand-new 4-pipe sports exhaust system cuts an impressive figure with its high-quality workmanship and awesome sound. What’s more, the technology truly delivers what the visual appearance promises!

Genuine 4–pipe exhaust pipe system
In contrast to most other “4-pipe” exhaust systems, the exhaust gas and sound really do come out of all four openings. In other words, this is no cheap phony with dummy pipes that only work on one side! You can feel those goose bumps starting to rise immediately on turning the ignition key and hearing that deep, sporty sound! Anyone who has experienced this difference will never want to part from this “genuine” exhaust system. The G-POWER engineers really have done their homework to give every BMW an unforgettable sound. Where’s the next tunnel?

An investment for life
G-POWER exacts equally high requirements in terms of the materials and workmanship. G-POWER exhaust systems are entirely hand-crafted and are made from solid stainless steel both inside and out. They are an investment for life and frequently last longer than the vehicles they adorn.

Stylish looks and less scorching
In conjunction with the intricately crafted double-walled HIGHLINE tailpipes, the exhaust system’s solid, stylish appearance accentuates the looks of any vehicle. Streamlined, double-walled tailpipes carry away the hot gases inside the pipe and, with the G-POWER design, effectively reduce the scorching associated with other systems, even after extended periods on the road.

More power, enhanced response to accelerator
The sophisticated G-POWER-DRAINLESS absorption process ensures that the exhaust gases are channeled in the right direction and, depending on the engine configuration, boosts the power by up to 4 kW / 6 bhp. Furthermore, it also ensures a more immediate response to the accelerator pedal.

Exhaust system

Over 20 years of tuning know-how
Needless to say, G-POWER exhaust systems are carefully tuned in line with the engine power and torque of the particular vehicle. G-POWER has specialized exclusively in BMW models for more than 20 years and so can draw on its vast wealth of experience. Customers can thus be assured of getting the best value for their money. Performance and investment constitute a successful combination at G POWER.

Custom-built exhaust systems
Alternatively, the rear silencer or complete exhaust system can also be fitted individually so as to further modify the sound bit by bit. For more customized features, simply give G-POWER a call; the company will be happy to discuss your specific requests.

That finishing touch
And for all those proud owners of a BMW with an M Series package, the associated rear diffuser is also available in a harmoniously matching G-POWER design featuring the exact tailpipe cut-outs – thereby lending the investment that all-important finishing touch. Incidentally, this component is available exclusively from G-POWER!

A better exhaust
G-POWER’s know-how, technology and experience are the customer’s guarantee that his every expectation is sure to be fulfilled! G-Power clearly proves that not all exhausts are the same. Often they are worlds apart.

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