G-POWER G6 Coup̩ 5.0 S Р620 hp in their most beautiful shape!

Ever since making its debut back in 2004, the BMW 6series Coupé E63 has livened up the wish list of many a well-to-do sporty individualist. The creators of this dream car have made sure that even just looking at this exciting luxury coupe sets the pulse racing … Nevertheless, BMW has still left plenty of room for further refinement by creative-minded stylists from the tuning scene. Consequently, G-POWER, the BMW specialist from way up north, is now presenting its interpretation of the theme “What men dream of” to the public.

The version of this limousine to emerge from this undertaking clearly highlights the discreet – and yet perhaps particularly for this reason – stunning beauty of the design created by the G-POWER styling team. In their version, the ideas taken from the original have quite literally been “perfectly shaped”. Can anyone improve on this? – We think not.

For more than 23 years, the name G-POWER has been synonymous with performance and design. True to the motto of FIRST CLASS PERFORMANCE, this G-POWER G6 serves up precision tuning to satisfy even the most ambitious and discerning of drivers. At the same time, this latest interpretation of the G6 Coupé “HIGHLINE” V10 5.0 S caters to every request in terms of “design and performance”.

The G-POWER G6 V10 Coupé 5.0 S – more beautiful, faster, G-POWER
With its interpretation of the V10 engine, G-POWER delivers a power machine that purrs like a kitten and which accentuates the silky characteristics of the original engine. The 507 hp, which the original engine generates in the M6/M5 with 520 Nm in the standard version, are already enough to rave about! However, the classic engine conversion implemented by the engineers at G-POWER, which includes the pistons, the valves, the camshafts and the manifold, in addition to optimized exhaust flow, adds the icing on the cake! Even the “coolest of customers” amongst the BMW crowd start to get hot. With its awesome power and yet cultivated manner, this 5-litre engine generates 620 hp at 7800/rpm, in addition to 580 Nm at 6200/rpm. When combined with the easy-to-shift SMG gearbox, which has been especially adapted for this power, this hot rod from Brunsbüttel flies in just 4.5 seconds to a speed of 100, reaching an impressive top speed of 330 km/h, up to electronic restriction.

Expressive appearance with G-POWER HIGHLINE design
Less is not always more. With this in mind, the designers and technicians at G-POWER have devised an aerodynamic kit of a special kind for the new 6series – namely, the range “G-POWER HIGHLINE”.
The declared aim of the G-POWER “car fanatics” was not simply to supply body-styling elements, but to perfect the already beautiful image of the original and to stage a truly unique appearance of this elegant, individual and distinctive car. The body-styling kit includes the bumpers, side skirts and the striking trunk lid attachment, which characterises the new G POWER line standardized across the brand. The components for this are produced to the highest of standards in the company’s own subsidiary CFKtec in Brunsbüttel. To produce these aerodynamic components, G-POWER makes exclusive use of carbon-fibre-reinforced synthetic. This goes to ensure the low weight and high durability, whilst the fitting accuracy of the elements complies with OEM quality.

G-POWER – sound makes music
The rear end of the G6 is dominated by 2 newly developed oval-shaped stainless steel tailpipes. The new tailpipe design largely prevents unsightly heat marks. The exhaust system that has been especially developed for the 6series is impressive with its sporty, sonorous tone, which further emphasizes the power of the V10 with its uncomparable sound. In contrast to the standard version, the impact pressure and pipe way have been optimized in order to realize the awesome power of 620

HIGH-TECH and DESIGN – tailor-made instead of off-the-peg
With its modern looks, the new G-POWER Styling III wheel presents a high-tech and sporty design. Thanks to the special design, the wheel arch ventilation has been improved by 15%, which in turn has a positive effect on the brake temperature – without decreasing the brake force due to fading, for example!
The three-piece rotary milled aluminium wheel is adapted directly at G-POWER and offers all the qualities of a genuine tuning wheel. Instead of a standard wheel, the customer thus acquires a custom-fit wheel rim without compromise. An appearance, which has no equal, is created by an exclusive wheel in a rare limited edition!
The hand-polished outer rim wells are coated with a clear Teflon varnish, which, after painting, lends them their unique shine.

The G6 runs at the front on impressively dimensioned 9.0×21 rims fitted with 245/35-ZR21 tyres and at the rear on rims in the dimension 11.0×21 fitted with 285/30-ZR21 tyres. The Michelin tyres fitted are authorised for the G-POWER G6 for speeds of up to 330 km/h.

Power requires control
Especially with heavy-weight vehicles in mind, G-POWER has developed its new G400 brake system, which, with its impressive 400 mm diameter and 36 mm thickness, satisfies even the highest requirements in terms of loading capacity and fading stability. For the G6 V10 driver, this translates as an absolutely new dimension in safety at high speeds past the 300 km/h mark. This brake is an experience in itself, with the safety of the incredible deceleration making the driver almost look forward to the next acceleration/braking cycle!

Further information on G-POWER’s tuning and styling range for BMW cars is available directly from G-POWER in Brunsbüttel or on the internet under www.g-power.de.

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