G-POWER GP 40i Limited Edition – strictly limited to 50 pieces worldwide!

One of the most exciting gasoline engines of the current BMW engines is undoubtedly the straight-six in the 40i models. Unfortunately, despite its unsurpassed smoothness, the in-line six is an endangered species. Even at BMW, so to speak, in its natural habitat, it will sooner or later be extinguished by the all so popular phenomenon called “downsizing”.

That´s a shame, because the combination of compact body and a high-displacement, silky smooth high-revving engine, bears a certain charm that the sporty BMW models are famous for.

G-POWER turns to the charismatic B58B30 engine with a lot of passion and know-how

No wonder, then, that G-POWER, as with the legendary high-revving V8 and V10 engines, dedicates itself to this charismatic BMW engine with a lot of passion and the know-how of over 35 years of experience and honors the straight six power unit with an exclusive customization program: the GP 40i Limited Edition.

The G-POWER edition is strictly limited to 50 pieces worldwide and s available for the compact BMW M140i / M240i and 340i / 440i models. The special edition is not available via the G-POWER online shop, but can only be ordered by direct request from G-POWER.

Performance increase to 420 hp – another 20 hp on top of the regular G-POWER upgrade

Part of the package is a generous increase in performance of the straight six-cylinder engine, thanks to the proven Performance Software V1 in combination with the removal of the speed limiter. The result is 420 HP and 600 Nm of torque on the data sheet. This not only means an increase of 94 HP and 150 Nm as opposed to the standard model, but also another 20 HP and 20 Nm on top of the regular G-POWER upgrade!

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.2s – top speed over 300 km/h

This power enables the 440i (F36) with GP 40i Limited Edition shown here, to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds, while the maximum possible speed reaches well beyond the 300 km/h mark. A stainless-steel rear muffler featuring two carbon tailpipes of 90 mm in diameter rounds off the technical modifications on the Gran Coupé and supports the dynamic appearance of the 440i with its sporty sound.

The GP 40i Limited Edition signals: this BMW is “tuned by G-POWER”

In addition, the GP 40i Limited Edition includes other “goodies” for the interior and exterior, which make it clear that this is a BMW “tuned by G-POWER”. In the interior there is e.g. a set of high-quality velour carpets with G-POWER logos, as well as an interior plaque that documents the current serial number.

From the outside, a decalset – in the exclusive GP 40i Limited Edition design – indicates that this is not an ordinary BMW 440i, and the so-called G-POWER-Identity Package provides subtle highlights such as the G-POWER emblems for the front and trunk lid.

Fits perfectly with the GP 40i Limited Edition: G-POWER coilover kit and 20“ forged wheel set

In addition to the limited customization package, G-POWER has also mounted a set of the popular 20 inch HURRICANE RR forged wheels on the 440i Gran Coupé. The lightweight twin-spoke wheels are fitted with high-performance 245/30 R20 tires. On top of that, a G4 – RS coilover suspension has been installed, which enhances both the look thanks to lowering and handling.

Interest now? Very good, then do not hesitate to contact us at +49 8252/909 86 26 or WhatsApp +49 160 36 10 601 and ask for the GP 40i limited edition package for your BMW. But don´t forget, there are only 50 available worldwide.

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