G-POWER M3 / M4 – 600 hp

The G-POWER Bi-Tronik is in general a software based form of power output enhancement. That means that by modifying the software for the factory ECU G-POWER is influencing the parameters for ignition timing, fuel and boost pressure in order to generate its power output increase. Insofar the name “Bi-Tronik 2 V3” for the 600 PS (441 kW)/ 740 Nm power stage for the M3 / M4 is slightly misleading, since the electronic modifications to the ECU are basically just the foundation for the later increase in power output to 600 hp. After all it is already enough to push the output to 520 hp. But in order to generate the rest of the 80 hp missing to achieve the magical 600 hp mark, traditional tuning craftsmanship is needed, like it has been done by G-POWER for more than 30 years now.

gpower m3

So, the first item of the G-POWER engineers’ to-do-list is the reduction of the dynamic backpressure. Thus the factory exhaust system is completely replaced by one from G-POWER that is consisting of flow-optimized downpipes and an exhaust system incl. 4-tip sport silencer and link pipes with resonators that is completely made from ultra-light Titanium. It reduces not just the weight by 7 kg when compared with the factory system but also adds a sporty, meaty sound to the package. At this point the G-POWER modifications have already added up to an output of 560 hp for the basic M3 / M4. Still 40 hp left to go.

gpower-m3  engine

Now the factory superchargers are getting into the focus of the G-POWER engineers, since they have reached their limit in regards of boost supply and thus are standing in the way of any further power output increase. That is the moment when G-POWER’s 30 years of experience in regards of engine tuning kicks in, because the following tasks are traditional tuning craftsmanship at its best. Meaning the factory turbocharger are being disassembled, completely overhauled and optimized in all relevant sections. The main task is to switch the factory exhaust gas turbine and the compressor wheel against enlarged and lighter CNC machined versions. This improves not just the capacity to build up boost but also reduces the rotating mass and inertia moment, which improves the response characteristic of the modified turbocharger and reduces the feared “turbo lag”. Also new are the CNC machined and flow-optimized exhaust and compressor housings that feature enlarged in- and outlets just like reduced manufacturing tolerances, which provides for an additional increase in efficiency. Accompanying measures like the reinforced sealing for increased boost pressures and a reinforced shaft bearing make sure that the G-POWER turbochargers are on the same level in regards of reliability and durability as their factory counterparts. After the Hardware of the modified G-POWER M3 / M4 is now capable of 600 hp, the G-POWER software programmer take over the task of engineering a setup that makes sure the power can be reliably used in daily driving. Thus it goes without saying that all standard diagnostic and engine protection systems remain unaffected.


As a result of the G-POWER treatment the G-POWER M3 / M4 is catapulted from standstill to 100 km/h in 3,7 seconds and reaches a top speed of more than 320 km/h, making it one of the fasts M3 / M4 of the F-series.

In order to convey this much performance in an equal share of driving pleasure, G-POWER is reducing the unsprung mass which equates to an improved handling, both of which G-POWER achieves with its 21-inch HURRICANE RR forged alloy wheels shod with 245/30ZR21 and 295/25ZR21 Michelin tyres. Made from ultra-light aircraft-grade aluminium these wheels are normally available in Jet Black, Gun Metal Grey and Stardust Silver, but can also be painted in a special colour at extra cost upon customer request.


Further details along with the prices for the G-POWER Bi-Tronik 2 V3 and the HURRICANE RR forged wheels are listed in their online shop.

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