G-POWER SK Plus supercharger sale

g-power superchargerG-POWER is celebrating its 25th anniversary and or customers get the presents. Within the “25 years of G-POWER” campaign they present selected special offers of G-POWER products on our web site and they begin with the G-POWER SK Plus supercharger system. But be careful the offers are strictly limited!

G-POWER SK Plus supercharger system before 4.650,00 Euro now only 2.790,00 Euro!

As a matter of principle, G-POWER compressor systems are available in several performance variants. The range begins with systems exhibiting soft charging: our EVO ECO and EVO I systems with material-saving 0.2 – 0.5 bars of supercharge pressure (M-engine up to 0.35 bars), in combination with the standard engine. These are ranked above by the G-POWER systems, which are offered exclusively together with a completely modified G-POWER engine: our EVO II and EVO III systems, which are supercharged with up to 1.0 bar.

All G-POWER compressor systems have the unrestricted everyday practicability of the modified engines combined with an improved specific consumption and the BMW-typical reliability in common.
More information on www.g-power.de

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