G-POWER with premieres at the 2006 Essen Motor Show

G-POWER, for 3 decades a proven address for high-quality BMW tuning, is presenting its latest products at the 2006 Essen Motor Show. The presentation will include the new “SILVERSTONE DIAMOND” wheel design, which skillfully combines innovation with emotional appeal. It is perfectly tailored to the current BMW vehicles. G-POWER will also be showcasing its new tuning program for the 3 series BMW E90 at the Motor Show.

New wheel generation SILVERSTONE
For the new G-POWER SILVERSTONE DIAMOND wheel, a “concave” rim contour design has been specially developed for the latest BMW vehicle generation. With this new rim technology (which is patented by G-POWER), a pure BMW wheel has been created, that has been specifically matched to the BMW brake contours. Thanks to the optimized spatial relations, G-POWER has succeeded in enhancing the venting of the brakes. Specifically adapted to BMW technical features, SILVERSTONE rims are currently unique within the entire wheel segment in terms of their design and construction! What is more, the wheel already more than satisfies the exacting safety requirements imposed by BMW. It already features the run-flat capabilities stipulated by BMW (run-flat approval) in conjunction with the approved tires! A further advantage is that the weight of the wheel is well below that of the factory-fitted M–wheels. The reduced unsprung weights have a noticeably positive impact on comfort, even in conjunction with ultra low profile tires!


The new wheel, with its striking appearance due to its unusually shaped 10-double spoke design, is manufactured in OEM quality. And, needless to say, is “made in Germany”! The intricate composite structure of the wheel is accentuated by the screw fittings around the circumference. The highly compressed surface coating produced using a new method for the G-POWER SILVERSTONE DIAMOND wheel effectively prevents brake dust and dirt from “baking” on to the wheel. This makes the wheel extremely easy to care for. The silver-graphite-coated spider with its brightly shining diamond cut faces produces a fascinating and dynamic effect, as well as blending harmoniously with all BMW exterior colors. Customers acquire a wheel with a classic and stylish appearance.

The SILVERSTONE program initially includes the sizes 18˝ to 21˝ in widths from 8.5˝ to 10.5˝ and is available from a price of 620 euros. It is available, for instance, for the current 3-series BMW (see below).

G-POWER G3 – complete program for the 3-series E90
The current 3-series BMW is indisputably the pinnacle to date in the development of sporty medium-sized sedans. Nevertheless, it still offers plenty of scope with regard to the design and engine for intensive tuning and styling à la G-POWER. At the 2006 Essen Motor Show, this BMW tuning specialist from Brunsbüttel will be showcasing its new, discreetly-sporty aerodynamics program and the extensive rim range. In addition, G-POWER will also be presenting numerous options for engine tuning and technical enhancements.

“Fine feathers make fine birds” – in spite of the already stylish looks of the 3 series, the appearance of this sedan is made all the more dynamic by fitting the new G-POWER HIGHLINE KIT. All the components are produced at the tuner’s own plant “CFKtec Brunsbüttel” in “hybrid” technology (carbon-fiber reinforced plastic). The HIGHLINE KIT comprises the front bumper, side sills (on request with underfloor/ground lights, rear bumper, wing spoiler or roof spoiler (for Touring model variant), which are complemented by the carbon-fiber front lip and decorative carbon-fiber rear diffuser. For anyone who likes things wider, G-POWER offers its “Extremo” kit, comprising 4 wheel arch extensions plus wing spoilers.


Vehicle tuning without wheels is like soup without salt. For the 3 series, G-POWER offers on the one hand the “Styling III – LIMITED EDITION˝ wheels in a 19 or 20” format. These 3-piece wheels equipped with a 16-spoke spider stand out with their 40% lower weight, compared to normal wheels. A brand-new product, which will also be on display at the 2006 Essen Motor Show, is the SILVERSTONE DIAMOND wheel (see above). This wheel is characterized by its classically stylish 10-double spoke design, which has also been perfectly adapted to the BMW characteristics. The wheel is available for the 3 series BMW up to 20˝, starting at a price of 620 euros.

When it comes to engine tuning, G-POWER customers benefit from the wealth of experience it has acquired since 1971. For the 3 series, G-POWER offers performance-enhanced four and six cylinder engines with up to 3.3 l displacement. In addition, a 5.2 l V8 with 420 bhp, which, when combined with the shift-time optimized automatic transmission, produces a truly awesome driving experience. G-POWER offers measures to suit everybody’s pocket. From the “optimized characteristic mappings” GS1 + GS1 PLUS to high-capacity engines (e.g. for 330i / 310 bhp), up to complete “heart transplants” (e.g. to V8, 5.0 l/ 470 bhp or V10 5.0/550 bhp). Diesel fans acquire more power in the form of the G-POWER D-TRONIK (e.g. 35 bhp/595 Nm in the 330d). Individual customer requests are also catered to!

Tuned to these higher performances are the G-POWER suspensions, which are rigorously tested on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife race circuit and which thus have racing genes in their blood. The program ranges from suspension springs (30 to 50 mm lowering) through to height adjustable G-POWER RS coilover suspensions. Suspension struts and anti-roll bars complete the offer. The G-POWER sports braking systems (e.g. 385 mm and 6 piston) ensure an “anchor” effect in these performance-enhanced vehicles, and are tuned for maximum safety.

Sound tuning is obligatory at G-POWER. The exhaust range guarantees a full sound from partial or full stainless systems featuring 2 or 4 pipes, not to mention the attractive appearance. G-POWER exhaust systems are flow-optimized, and help to ensure a more immediate response to the accelerator. The new, solid HIGHLINE stainless steel pipes lend any tail-end a powerful look.

Getting in is a sheer joy – when the interior has been styled with G-POWER accessories. Whether it’s the gear knob, handbrake lever, a new set of pedals or various carbon-fiber inlays, these accessories add racing flair to any BMW. For power-enhanced versions, G-POWER also converts speedometers to 300 or 360 km/h scales. A particularly eye-catching feature are the speedo conversions in the G-POWER “night design”. Anyone wishing for even greater luxury can also order, for instance, genuine Kjerba Softwalk nappa leather upholsteries or anthracite-colored soft velour carpets from G-POWER.

Further information on the G-POWER tuning and styling program for BMW automobiles is available directly from G-POWER in Brunsbüttel, or online at the completely redesigned website www.G-POWER.de. New: G-POWER Press Club. Register now at: www. presse.g-power.de

As well as the above-mentioned new products, at the Essen Motor Show, G-POWER will also be presenting its new tuning program for the BMW 5 series diesel, BMW 6 series – G6 with 550 bhp supercharging and the new aero-design packages LIGHT-line & BLACK-line

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