Get a TITANIUM rear muffler for free!

titanium-exhaust In honour of its 25th anniversary G-POWER is introducing an upgraded version of the well-proven SK I supercharger system for the BMW M3. Now save big time: The first 25 orders of the G-POWER SK I “EDITION 25” supercharger systems receive a TITANIUM rear muffler for free. You save 2.500,00 Euro!

20 % more additional output adds up into a maximum of 515 hp (standard output 420 hp) provided by the G-POWER supercharger system SK I “EDITION 25” for the BMW M3. This performance upgrade for the BMW M3 is nicely completed by the TITANIUM rear muffler, that provides in addition to a stunning sound a weight reduction of 14,5 kg compared to the standard muffler.

More about the exhaust:
The G-POWER Titanium exhaust system for the BMW M3 has been designed from G-Power engineers especially in regards of the needs of the G-POWER supercharger system. That fore the focus has been on a significant reduction of the dynamic backpressure of the exhaust system, in order to gain the maximum performance out of the G-POWER supercharger system for the BMW M3. At the same time the G-POWER titanium exhaust system gives the BMW V8 a deep, throaty sound that turns heads but is at now time annoying.

For not supercharged BMW M3s G-Power can offer a version of the G-POWER Titanium exhaust system, that provides from 4000 rpm until redline an additional 24 hp and 35 Nm of torque compared to the standard M3. The high-revving engine benefits a lot from this modification in every day driving and the acceleration of the car in higher gears improves.

Both versions of the G-POWER exhaust system are completely made from lightweight titanium and consist of 2 link pipes replacing the first set of catalytic converters, 2 x 100 cpsi racing catalytic converters, resonators and a two titanium end mufflers.

A further advantage of the G-POWER titanium exhaust system is a weight reduction compared to the
standard exhaust system of approx. 26 kg. Of course the set of rear mufflers is available separately.

Product features:
– Extremely light exhaust system made completely from Titanium
– Additional 24 hp output and 35 Nm of torque
– 26 less weight compared to the standard exhaust system
– High fitting accuracy

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