There is no need to explain here that BMW M3 is the especially powerful variation of the 3rd series since that is already known.

So far, so good. But to no go down among the relatively same things of the automobile realities despite best hardware qualifications there is a need for an obvious highlight. For these purposes the “best suit” of the M3 matches best.


The CAM SHAFT company, located in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Kempen, is well known for its sublime car foiling far beyond the boundaries of its location. In this case, the CAM SHAFT crew has decided on a mat space-gray metallic foiling by Bruxsafol named Platinum Wrapping Film. The price of the BMW M3 foiling amounts to about 1,785.00 Euro, VAT incl. But the one who wants to go one better can make an additional foiling of the entries and the visible door edges of his sports car. The foiling of a two door M3 demands another 715.00 Euro incl. VAT. At the final count, there will be a total of 2.500,00 Euro in gross, including work & materials.


The front apron of the above shown M3s comes out of the brain of Racing Dynamics, whilst Hamann Motorsport is responsible for the die sills. The M3 spreads its “voice” via an Akrapovič stainless steel exhaust system with 100 cell cats. The wheel-tire-combination consists of mat black painted rims, BBS-Le Mans in 8.5×19 inc. with 245/35ZR19 tires in front and 10×19 in. with 265/35ZR19 on rear. For optimizing the driving dynamics, there are variant 3 KW coil overs installed. In the interior of the M3 one can find carbon parts and aluminum pedals installed by Hartge company.


A BMW M3 fitted like this is best equipped for the daily guerilla battle on the roads of this world, isn’t it? Furthermore, CAM SHAFT offers – meanwhile, it is no secret – a broad range of tuning stuff for sports cars from all over the world: chassis, carbon parts, coating of light alloy rims…

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