H&R BMW 5 Touring: With Dynamics in your Luggage

The new generation of the 5-series Touring is once again setting the standards for luxury class vehicles – even in the area of suspension. A challenge which the engineers of H&R gladly took on. The result of the complex development work is a sport spring set including rear self-levelling links, which bring the estate car’s front axle around 35 millimetres and its rear axle around 15 millimetres closer to the tarmac. The basic characteristics of the elegant lines are accentuated by the suspension set without weakening the overall design concept. The driving characteristics could also be made a touch more dynamic with H&R’s suspension kit – naturally without perceptibly reducing the comfort of this luxury class limousine. Figuratively speaking, the Adaptive Drive of the 5-series vehicle melds with the H&R suspension set to make one whole sporty unit with good long-distance qualities. Alterations to the chassis or to the wheel/tyre combination are, of course, not necessary.

A further highlight can be gained from H&R’s TRAK + wheel spacers made of high tensile aluminium alloy. The small gap between the wheel arch and wing edge can thus be visually perfected, which results in the limousine appearing even more powerful.

The entire H&R programme – available for more than 1,350 different vehicle types – is available at all good specialist dealers and along with the usual H&R quality also comes with a general operating permit ABE or TÜV certificate of conformity for parts

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