H&R for BMW M3

Here’s some news to delight M3 fans – right from the launch of the new M3, H&R has sporty components to make it even more agile. Some test drivers believe the car’s tuning places too much emphasis on comfort in comparison with its competitors – this can be sharpened up by adding an H&R spring kit.

H&R Coilover BMW

The spellbinding steering precision right from the factory can be improved a few shades more by the 25-millimetre lower suspension setting at the front axle and 15-millimetre lower suspension at the rear. The H&R development team has also taken care to ensure that the spring kit harmonises perfectly with the adjustable dampers, an optional extra, so you can be sure of a comfortable ride, even with the sporty setup. Better traction also facilitates higher cornering speeds – even on hairpin bends and when changing direction quickly.

BMW Coilover

The lower suspension gives the car a wider look, even making it seem a touch more masculine. The wheel spacers, which can be combined with the series and aftermarket rims, take care of the rest, putting the icing on the cake of this chassis package. H&R-Spezialfedern isn’t neglecting those who like to race for fun or glory either. Coilovers and additional stabilisers will soon be available to make the V8 M3 once again the king of all racetracks in its category in the future. The M3 legend lives on – with the perfect extras from H&R.

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