Hurricane RR forged wheel

The G-POWER HURRICANE Forged ultra-light alloy wheel has arrived! Replacing the SILVERSTONE DIAMOND that was G-POWER’s staple wheel design for many years, this new ultra-light CAD designed alloy wheel is precision forged from aircraft grade aluminium alloy.

G-POWER HURRICANE RR Forged alloy wheels are made from 6061 grade aluminium, a material favoured by the aerospace industry for its unique combination of low weight and high strength. As an example, the 9.0 x 21-inch HURRICANE RR wheel weighs just 11.4 kg.

The development process of this new wheel began with a 3D wheel model based on the design template, which was then weight and strength optimised using FEM analysis. To ensure maximum safety in daily use, the computer simulations pushed the engineering model well beyond its rated design load to see where possible failures might occur. This approach during the development process guarantees G-POWER customers an ultra-light forged wheel with a built-in safety margin.


Having put so much care into the design and development of their new wheel, G-POWER was not inclined to farm production out to another party, least of all abroad. Thus, these special wheels are manufactured in their in-house facility in Germany where the strictest quality control is maintained. The production process itself is state-of-the-art. For example, the Vertical CNC High Speed Milling machine employs an innovative clamping system with low-vibration transfer for even more accurate product tolerances. Turning of the metal surface is then carried out on a special long travel CNC lathe that can accommodate the largest 23-inch size available in the G-POWER Forged wheel range. The final touch is a process that uses a lightly abrasive medium mixed with the wheel in a vibrating drum. Invented by the Walther Trowal Company, this form of vibratory grinding removes the rough edges from the metal and polishes its surface, leaving a durable finish with an attractive sheen.

G-POWER goes to these great lengths because their philosophy mandates continuous development to improve the all-round efficiency of customer vehicles. While this applies to their supercharger systems and ECU upgrades, they also recognise that unsprung weight has a direct influence on vehicle performance. The lower unsprung mass of lighter wheels imposes less dynamic loads on the suspension elements, which benefits handling and road holding. At the same time, with less rotating mass to accelerate and brake, straight-line performance is also enhanced.

Technical excellence apart, the new G-POWER HURRICANE RR Forged wheel also looks good, and is available in seven finishes, plus the possibility of a highly personalised version.


The new G-POWER HURRICANE RR Forged wheel comes in three distinctive colours – Jet Black, Gun Metal Grey and Stardust Silver. In addition you can choose any of these hues as the background colour in combination with a diamond cut finish for the wheel spokes. While the background paint finish is removed from the outer rim in the course of the diamond cutting process, this is subsequently refinished and sealed with clear lacquer along with the spokes. The seventh possible finish for HURRICANE RR Forged wheel is the classic polished version that sparkles with the appearance of a chromed wheel.

Leveraging the flexibility of their German factory, G-POWER also offers the possibility of engraving personal lettering of up to 10 characters on each wheel. This is the ultimate level of personalisation linking customer and product. The pinnacle of alloy wheel design, the HURRICANE RR Forged wheel wears its label with pride as the lightest, strongest and most individually customisable aluminium wheel collection in G-POWER’s history.

Further details along with the prices for the G-POWER HURRICANE RR forged wheel are listed in the online shop.

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